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Learn arabic (morrocan) - Learning

English Arabic (Morrocan)
Do you want to learn a few words? بغيتي تعلمي تهضري لغتي؟ - b'riti t'almi thadri lourti?
Yes, sure! ايه، واخا - ayeh, wakha
What's this called? اسميت هدا؟ - asmit hada?
It's a table هادي طابلة - hadi tabla
A table. Do you understand? طابلة، فهمتي؟ - tabla, fhamti?
I don't understand ما فهمتش - mafhemtech
Can you repeat please? عاود من فضلك - awdi mn fadlak
Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? ممكن ليك متهضريش بالزربة؟ - momkin lik matehdarch b'zerba?
Could you write it down, please? ممكن ليك تكتبيها عافاك؟ - momkin lik t'katbiha afak?
I get it فهمت - fhemt

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