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Translation / Bar

Learn arabic (morrocan) - Bar

English Arabic (Morrocan)
The bar لبار - lbar
Would you like to have a drink? تشربي شي حاجة؟ - t'charbi chi haja?
To drink الشرب - achorb
Glass الكاس - lkas
With pleasure واخا - wakha
What would you like? أشنو تاخد؟ - achnou takhdi?
There is water or fruit juices كاين لما أولا لعصير - kayn l'ma oula l'assir
Water لما - lma
Can you add some ice cubes, please? ممكن تزيد لكلاصون عافاك؟ - momkin tzid l'glassoun afak?
Ice cubes كلاصون - glassoun
Chocolate شوكلاط - chouklat
Milk لحليب - lahlib
Tea أتاي - atay
Coffee قهوة - kahwa
With sugar سكر - sokkar
With cream بلحليب - belhlib
Wine روج - roug
Beer بيرة - birra
A tea please أتاي من فضلك - atay mn fdlak
A beer please بيرة من فضلك - birra mn fdlek
What would you like to drink? أشنو بغيتي تشربي؟ - achnou briti tcharbi?
Two teas please! جوج أتاي من فضلك - jouj atay afak?
Two beers please! جوج بيرات من فضلك - juj birrat afak?
Nothing, thanks والو، شكرا - walou, choukran
Cheers! في صحتنا - f s'hetna
Can we have the bill please? لحساب من فضلك - l'hsab mn fadlak
Excuse me, how much do I owe? شحال لحساب ؟ - ch'hal l'hsab?
Twenty euros ميتين درهم - mitin d'r'h'm
It's on me عارضة عليك - arda a'lik

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