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Translation / Looking for someone

Learn arabic (morrocan) - Looking for someone

English Arabic (Morrocan)
Excuse me, is Sarah here? واش سارة هنا من فضلك ؟ - wach sara h'na mn fadlak?
Yes, she's here اه هاهي هنا - ah, hahiya h'na
She's out لا خرجات - la, kharjat
You can call her on her mobile phone ممكن تعيط ليها في البورطابل - momkin t'ayet liha fil portabl?
Do you know where I could find her? عارف فين نفدر نلقاها؟ - aref;fin nakdar n'lkaha?
She is at work هي في الخدمة - hiya fil khadma
She is at home هي فدارها - hiya f'darha
Excuse me, is Julien here? واش جوليان هنا عافاك؟ - wach joulian hna afak?
Yes, he's here اه. هاهوهنا - ah, hahowa h'na
He's out لا خرج - la, khraj
Do you know where I could find him? عارفة فين نقدر نلقاها؟ - arfafin n'kdar n'lkaha?
You can call him on his mobile phone ممكن تعيطي ليها في لبورطابل - mokin t'ayti liha fil portabl?
He is at work هو في الخدمة - howa fil khadma
He is at home هو فدارو - howa fidarou

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