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Translation / Numbers

Learn breton - Numbers

English Breton
Zero Netra e-bet
One Unan
Two Daou
Three Tri
Four Pevar
Five Pemp
Six C’hwec’h
Seven Seizh
Eight Eizh
Nine Nav
Ten Dek
Eleven Unnek
Twelve Daouzek
Thirteen Trizek
Fourteen Pevarzek
Fifteen Pemzek
Sixteen C’hwezek
Seventeen Seitek
Eighteen Triwec’h
Nineteen Naontek
Twenty Ugent
Twenty-one Unan warn-ugent
Twenty-two Daou warn-ugent
Twenty-three Tri warn-ugent
Twenty-four Pevar warn-ugent
Twenty-five Pemp warn-ugent
Twenty-six C’hwec’h warn-ugent
Twenty-seven Seizh warn-ugent
Twenty-eight Eizh warn-ugent
Twenty-nine Nav warn-ugent
Thirty Tregont
Thirty-one Unan ha tregont
Thirty-two Daou ha tregont
Thirty-three Tri ha tregont
Thirty-four Pevar ha tregont
Thirty-five Pemp ha tregont
Thirty-six C’hwec’h ha tregont
Forty Daou-ugent
Fifty Hanter-kant
Sixty Tri-ugent
Seventy Dek ha tri-ugent
Eighty Pevar-ugent
Ninety Dek ha pevar-ugent
One hundred Kant
A hundred and five Kant pemp
Two hundred Daou c’hant
Three hundred Tri c’hant
Four hundred Pevar c’hant
A thousand Mil
A thousand five hundred Mil pemp kant
Two thousand Daou vil
Ten thousand Dek mil

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