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Translation / In case of trouble

Learn estonian - In case of trouble

English Estonian
Can you help me, please? Kas te saaksite mind aidata?
I'm lost Ma olen ära eksinud
What would you like? Mida te soovite?
What happened? Mis juhtus?
Where could I find an interpreter? Kust ma võiksin leida tõlki?
Where is the nearest chemist's shop? Kus on lähim apteek?
Can you call a doctor, please Kutsuge arst, palun!
Which kind of treatment are you undergoing at the moment? Milliseid rohtusid te praegu võtate?
a hospital Haigla
a chemist's Apteek
a doctor Arst
Medical department Arstiteenus
I lost my papers Ma kaotasin oma dokumendid
My papers have been stolen Mul varastati dokumendid
Lost-property office Kaotatud asjade büroo
First-aid station Hädaabipunkt
Emergency exit Hädaabiväljapääs
The police Politsei
Papers Dokumendid
Money Raha
Passport Pass
Luggage Pagas
I'm ok, thanks Ei tänan
Leave me alone! Jatke mind rahule!
Go away! Lahkuge!

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