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Translation / Parting

Learn japanese - Parting

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It's late, I have to go! もう、こんな時間!行かないと! - mou kon'na jikan! ikanai to !
Shall we meet again? また会える? - mata ae ru ?
Yes with pleasure うん、喜んで - un, yorokonde
This is my address ここに 住んでいるよ - koko ni sunde iru yo
Do you have a phone number? 電話番号を 教えてくれる? - denwa bangō wo oshiete kure ru ?
Yes here you go はい、これ - hai kore
I had a lovely time 楽しかった! - tanoshikatta
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you 私も、会えて良かった - watashi mo aete yokatta
We will see each other soon 近いうちに また会おうね - chikai uchi ni mata aō ne
I hope so too そうだね - sō da ne
Goodbye さようなら - sayōnara
See you tomorrow また明日 - mata ashita
Bye! バイバイ! - bai bai

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