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The bar 술집 - Suljib
Would you like to have a drink? 뭘 마실래요? - Mwol masillaeyo?
To drink 마시다 - Masida
Glass 컵 - Keob
With pleasure 좋아요 - Joh-ayo
What would you like? 뭘 마실래? - Mwol masillae?
What's on offer? 뭐가 있나요? - Mwoga issnayo?
There is water or fruit juices 물이랑 과일주스가 있어요 - Mul-ilang gwailjuseuga iss-eoyo
Water 물 - Mul
Can you add some ice cubes, please? 얼음 좀 넣어 주시겠어요? - Eol-eum jom neoh-eo jusigess-eoyo?
Ice cubes 얼음 - Eol-eum
Chocolate 핫쵸코 - Haschyoko
Milk 우유 - Uyu
Tea 차 - Cha
Coffee 커피 - Keopi
With sugar 설탕이랑 - Seoltang-ilang
With cream 크림이랑 - Keulim-ilang
Wine 포도주 - Podoju
Beer 맥주 - Maegju
A tea please 차 한 잔 주세요! - Cha han jan juseyo!
A beer please 맥주 한 잔 주세요! - Maegju han jan juseyo!
What would you like to drink? 무엇을 드시겠어요? - Mueos-eul deusigess-eoyo?
Two teas please! 차 두 잔 주세요! - Cha du jan juseyo!
Two beers please! 맥주 두 잔 주세요! - Maegju du jan juseyo!
Nothing, thanks 아무것도 안 마실래요 - Amugeosdo an masillaeyo
Cheers! 건배 - Geonbae
Can we have the bill please? 계산서 주세요! - Gyesanseo juseyo!
Excuse me, how much do I owe? 얼마예요? - Eolmayeyo?
Twenty euros 이만 원입니다 - Iman won-ibnida
It's on me 제가 낼게요 - Jega naelgeyo

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