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Translation / Numbers

Learn korean - Numbers

English Korean
Zero 영 - Yeong
One 하나 - Hana
Two 둘 - Dul
Three 셋 - Ses
Four 넷 - Nes
Five 다섯 - Daseos
Six 여섯 - Yeoseos
Seven 일곱 - Ilgob
Eight 여덟 - Yeodeolb
Nine 아홉 - Ahob
Ten 열 - Yeol
Eleven 열하나 - Yeolhana
Twelve 열둘 - Yeoldul
Thirteen 열셋 - Yeolses
Fourteen 열넷 - Yeolnes
Fifteen 열다섯 - Yeoldaseos
Sixteen 열여섯 - Yeol-yeoseos
Seventeen 열일곱 - Yeol-ilgob
Eighteen 열여덟 - Yeol-yeodeolb
Nineteen 열아홉 - Yeol-ahob
Twenty 스물 - Seumul
Twenty-one 스물 하나 - Seumul hana
Twenty-two 스물 둘 - Seumul dul
Twenty-three 스물 셋 - Seumul ses
Twenty-four 스물 넷 - Seumul nes
Twenty-five 스물 다섯 - Seumul daseos
Twenty-six 스물 여섯 - Seumul yeoseos
Twenty-seven 스물 일곱 - Seumul ilgob
Twenty-eight 스물 여덟 - Seumul yeodeolb
Twenty-nine 스물 아홉 - Seumul ahob
Thirty 서른 - Seoleun
Thirty-one 서른 하나 - Seoleun hana
Thirty-two 서른 둘 - Seoleun dul
Thirty-three 서른 셋 - Seoleun ses
Thirty-four 서른 넷 - Seoleun nes
Thirty-five 서른 다섯 - Seoleun daseos
Thirty-six 서른 여섯 - Seoleun yeoseos
Forty 마흔 - Maheun
Fifty 쉰 - Swin
Sixty 예순 - Yesun
Seventy 일흔 - Ilheun
Eighty 여든 - Yeodeun
Ninety 아흔 - Aheun
One hundred 백 - Baeg
A hundred and five 백오 - Baeg-o
Two hundred 이백 - Ibaeg
Three hundred 삼백 - Sambaeg
Four hundred 사백 - Sabaeg
A thousand 천 - Cheon
A thousand five hundred 천오백 - Cheon-obaeg
Two thousand 이천 - Icheon
Ten thousand 만 - Man

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