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English Korean
The restaurant 레스토랑 - Leseutolang
Would you like to eat? 뭐 먹을래? - Mwo meog-eullae?
Yes, with pleasure 네 - Ne
To eat 먹다 - Meogda
Where can we eat? 어디서 먹을까요? - Eodiseo meog-eulkkayo?
Where can we have lunch? 어디서 점심을 먹을까요? - Eodiseo jeomsim-eul meog-eulkkayo?
Dinner 저녁식사 - Jeonyeogsigsa
Breakfast 아침식사 - Achimsigsa
Excuse me! 여기요! - Yeogiyo!
The menu, please 메뉴판 좀 갖다 주세요 - Menyupan jom gajda juseyo
Here is the menu 메뉴판 여기 있어요 - Menyupan yeogi iss-eoyo
What do you prefer to eat? Meat or fish? 고기와 생선 중에 뭘 먹을래? - Gogiwa saengseon jung-e mwol meog-eullae?
With rice 밥이랑 - Bab-ilang
With pasta 면이랑 - Myeon-ilang
Potatoes 감자 - Gamja
Vegetables 야채 - Yachae
Scrambled eggs - fried eggs - or a boiled egg 계란스크램블 -계란프라이 - 계란반숙 - Gyelanseukeulaembeul - gyelanpeulai - gyelanbansug
Bread 빵 - Ppang
Butter 버터 - Beoteo
Salad 샐러드 - Saelleodeu
Dessert 디저트 - Dijeoteu
Fruit 과일 - Gwail
Can I have a knife, please? 칼 좀 갖다 주세요 - Kal jom gajda juseyo
Yes, I'll bring it to you right away 네, 갖다 드릴게요 - Ne, gajda deulilgeyo
a knife 칼 - Kal
a fork 포오크 - Pookeu
a spoon 숟가락 - Sudgalag
Is it a warm dish? 이건 따뜻한 음식인가요? - Igeon ttatteushan eumsig-ingayo?
Yes, very hot also! 네. 그리고 아주 매워요. - Ne. Geuligo aju maewoyo.
Warm 따뜻하다 - Ttatteushada
Cold 차갑다 - Chagabda
Hot 맵다 - Maebda
I'll have fish 전, 생선으로 할게요 - Jeon, saengseon-eulo halgeyo
Me too 저도요 - Jeodoyo

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