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English Portuguese
The bar O bar
Would you like to have a drink? Queres beber alguma coisa?
To drink Beber
Glass Copo
With pleasure Com prazer
What would you like? O que bebes?
What's on offer? O que há para beber?
There is water or fruit juices Há água ou sumo de fruta
Water Água
Can you add some ice cubes, please? Pode pôr gelo por favor?
Ice cubes Gelo
Chocolate Chocolate
Milk Leite
Tea Chá
Coffee Café
With sugar Com açúcar
With cream Com nata
Wine Vinho
Beer Cerveja
A tea please Um chá por favor
A beer please Uma cerveja por favor
What would you like to drink? O que queres beber?
Two teas please! Dois chás por favor!
Two beers please! Duas cervejas por favor
Nothing, thanks Nada, obrigada
Cheers! Saúde!
Can we have the bill please? A conta por favor!
Excuse me, how much do I owe? Quanto devo por favor?
Twenty euros Vinte euros
It's on me Sou eu que te convido

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