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Do you want to learn a few words? Želiš li naučiti par reči? - jelich li naoutchiti par retchi
Yes, sure! Da, naravno! - da, naravno
What's this called? Šta je to? - chta yé to
It's a table To je sto - to yé sto
A table. Do you understand? Sto. Razumeš? - sto. razoumech
I don't understand Ne razumem - né razoumem
Can you repeat please? Možeš li, molim te, ponoviti? - mojech li, molim te, ponoviti
Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? Možeš li, molim te, govoriti sporije? - mojech li, molim te, govoriti sporiye
Could you write it down, please? Možeš li to napisati, molim te? - moyech li to napisati, molim te
I get it Razumeo sam - razoumeo sam

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