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Translation / Looking for someone

Learn serbian - Looking for someone

English Serbian
Excuse me, is Sarah here? Molim Vas, je li Sara tu? - molim vas, yé li sara tou
Yes, she's here Da, ona je tu - Da, onna yé tou
She's out Napolju je - napolyou yé
You can call her on her mobile phone Možete je nazvati na njen mobilni - mojété yé nazvati na gnènn mobilni
Do you know where I could find her? Znate li gde je mogu naći? - znaté li gdé yé mogou natchi
She is at work Ona je na poslu - onna yé na poslou
She is at home Ona je kod kuće - Onna yé kod koutché
Excuse me, is Julien here? Molim Vas, je li Julien tu? - molim vas, yé li youliann tou
Yes, he's here Da, on je tu - da, onn yé tou
He's out Napolju je - napolyou yé
Do you know where I could find him? Znate li gde ga mogu naći - znaté li gdé ga mogou natchi
You can call him on his mobile phone Možete ga nazvati na njegov mobilnitelefon - mojeté ga nazvati na gnégov mobilnitelefon
He is at work On je na poslu - onn yé na poslou
He is at home On je kod kuće - Onn yé kod koutché

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