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Learn serbian - Taxi

English Serbian
Taxi!  Taksi! - taksi
Where would you like to go? Kuda ćete? - kouda tchètè
I'm going to the train station Idem na stanicu - Idem na stanitsou
I'm going to the day&night Hotel Idem u hotel Dan i Noć - idem ou hotel dan i notch
Can you take me to the airport, please? Možete li me odvesti na aerodrom? - mojeté li mé odvesti na aerodrom
Can you take my luggage? Možete li uzeti moj prtljag? - mojeté li ouzeti moy prtlyag
Is it far from here? Je li daleko odavde? - yé li daleko odavde
No it's close Ne, blizu je - ne, blizou ye
Yes it's a little bit further away Da, to je malo dalje - da, to yé malo dalye
How much will it be? Koliko će koštati? - koliko tché kochtati
Take me there, please Odvedite me tu - odvedité mé tou
You go right Na desno - na desno
You go left Na levo - na liyevo
It's straight on Samo pravo - samo pravo
It's right here Tu je - tou ye
It's that way Tamo je - tamo yé
Stop! Stop! - stop
Take your time Ne morate da žurite - né moraté da jourité
Can I have a receipt, please? Mogu li dobiti račun, molim Vas? - mogou li dobiti ratchoun, molim vas

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