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Translation / Parting

Learn slovak - Parting

English Slovak
It's late, I have to go! Už je neskoro! Musím ísť!
Shall we meet again? Môžme sa ešte niekedy stretnúť?
Yes with pleasure Áno, rada
This is my address Bývam na tejto adrese
Do you have a phone number? Dáš mi telefónne číslo?
Yes here you go Áno, tu je
I had a lovely time Bolo mi s Tebou dobre
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Mne tiež, rada som Ťa poznala
We will see each other soon Skoro se opäť stretneme
I hope so too Tiež dúfam!
Goodbye Dovidenia!
See you tomorrow Ahoj zajtra
Bye! Ahoj!

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