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 :  Hi.
Upon visiting your site, I thought I had found a solution, to improve my German.
A voice then says "Guten Tag" -- and I am informed that this is "Hello".
Even with my very mediocre and rusty German, I know that "Guten Tag" means "Good Day", and doesn't mean "Hello".
I couldn't imagine a worst start.
Auf Wiedersehen.

Loecsen :
The expressions given in each language are not literal translations from another language; they are the expressions that would normally be used in particular situations that people find themselves in when traveling. The translators, all of whom are professionals, have not always chosen the grammatically closest translation, because that would not necessarily be the one used most often when you’re there!
 :  Best thing ever my kids love it!
 :  Great site, great job! i visited your website for the first time today cause i wanted to learn German language for free and i found your website very helpful. well done

From Nigeria.
 :  Thank you for offering us the opportunity to learn so many useful languages.. It made many of our work much easier.. and must not forget to mention.. the cartoons are amazing..!!!!
From Bangalore
 :  this is awesome,currently am learning german language,ges i have gotten the right website,danke schon!!!
 :  very interesting it seems I might learn after all it is quite the language. i feel i learned something already.
 :  awesome! i like the cartoons. :)
 :  Such a good experience to learn with your help German languages with some nice note's thank to you to provide us free learning course.
 :   its one of the best tool to learn basics of all essential language. thank you...........
 :  This is so simple. Fantastic
 :  You guys are great. This is the coolest way of learning German.
Its easy and makes it really interesting especially for beginner like me.
Danke fur ihre hilfe.
 :  Hello
Your website is helpful.I'm interesting for languages( french and italien).I appreciate your work and I want to let you know it.
Keep up with the great work.
Kind regards
from Germany
 :  I like this, it is very helpful.However i would appreciate it if we can have a feel of the German alphabets to get ourselves abreast with the pronunciations of the words.Thank you.
 :  An Excellent site, very easy to learn and practice, very educative and best way to enhance language.
 :  Hi,
I love this site! My German friend showed it to me when I was going to visit for a month, and France for a week, so I used the site to learn all the Essentials in German, and it really helped. So, thank you! And I have shared this site with at least 2 other friends when they expressed interest in learning new languages :)
So, thanks!
 :  I like it! it's helpful for getting around to begin with. Thanks!
 :  wo sind die toiletten bitte helped me to find the toilet when I got really lost in germany and it was a bit confusing but then I found out that the person I was speaking to could speak english so how do you say CAN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? that would really help thanks
 :  Thanks Guys. Great work. It is really very helpful.
 :  Your guys should make a printable version. This would really help as well, especially for people who are always on the move and also, in the printable version, include how to pronounce the word correctly as much as possible. Thank you! :)
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