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 :  Hello! Hope you can get me started soon on this free online
course to learn Portuguese. Moving to Portugal in a couple of
months. Thanks, Marilyn
 :  Hi I am Dikshant and I just want to let you know that this website is absolutely great and helpful for all people willing to learn a new language. However I have a suggestion for you too Add to this website if possible.

For Example, learning Portuguese, you see the word but can you please add how to pronounce it in brackets

For Example,
Quem? (kang?) (Who?)

Thank you for your understanding and hope to hear from you soon
 :  Hi there, this site is very interesting. I am a brasilian and live in Rio de Janeiro. Congratulation. Let me know if you need help on portuguese.
Espero vocês para o carnaval no Rio de Janeiro. Até logo!!!
Roberto Mendes.
 :  This is GREAT!!! Just moved to Portugal and this is already helping me survive!
 :  I thought it was impossible to learn Portuguese, just few days and I am breaking through. Obrigado, Compreendi!
 :  hi, its very good explanation of Portuguese language routin words, & interesting also. Muito obrigada
 :  Much thanks for the free introduction to Portuguese !! Perhaps the audio should be spoken a little slower, thanks. Also, there could be a Brazilian Portuguese category. All in all a great offering to world understanding. Muito Obrigada
 :  I have a beautiful Portuguese man in my life
And I'd love to learn Portuguese
To be able to communicate with his family
And to be able to speak Portuguese while on holidays in Madeira Portugal
 :  great!!!
 :  excellent program, lot of words and ideas on how to create a conversation !!!
 :  Hello
Will you add more conversations in the future.
Need more, because it is very convenient to learn.
Loecsen : Yes, of course
 :  I am interested into learning Portuguese

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Practice on Internet before leaving on a journey and download the Mp3 and pdf files to take away the expressions abroad.

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