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 :  Once i had been in sweden but my marriage with a swehish citizen could not continue therefore i came to pakistan to my parents home.My elder son is a swedish citizen living in stockholm completed graduation in economics. I am living in Peshawar pakistan with my younger son .I teach him swedish language which i had learnt during 1980s. Many words i lave forgotten therefore i want reorintate me with the sweet languae of my past .Kindly help and gudie me in this regard.U tube in pakistan is band.Let me know other source of learning swedish language
 :  It would be great if you can add Vocabulary too
this is just limit
Thanks anyway, its pretty good for beginner
 :  Many many thanks.
I bit complicated cause I´m Spanish mother tongue, but also funny at same time!!
more free ideas like that should be supported and spread out!
thanks again.

 :  hi,i have my anty there and i would really like to suprise her and i do not know may be she wil invite me there one day
 :  Hi. Thanks for your promising, not to say pretty good site. My friend in Sweden just sent me an email like this -
"Killen måste skoja."
However, while I've worked out what the first and last words here mean - something like "Cheers, guy", I couldn't find the middle one. Please can you help? Thanks
 :  I love the illustrations!! I have a Swedish women as a patient in the hospital where I work so I have been trying to learns some Swedish to speak with her. She just lights up whenever we speak in Swedish. Even her children never bothered to learn a word of it.
 :  This is so much fun! Grew up with Swedish friends and love the sounds.
 :  This website is the best for people who want to learn Swedish Language. Thank you.
 :  For someone who hasn't spoken Swedish for 35 years this is a wonderful way to revise (and learn properly!). With thanks, IHS.
 :  I am planing to visit Sweden I hope after learning the basic words from this site i will be able to impress my host!!!
 :  Vad gillar jag finns den har webbplats kan hjälpa nybörjare till avancerad elever. Jag har lärt mig nya uttryck. Vad nöje!
 :  hello..at the the moment am in sweden and i'd love to learn swedish from your site..i wanna learn it fast,thats why i want more lessons apart from school.thanks
 :  I really enjoy learning Swedish from your site. It is easier for me to learn compared to French, German or Portugeuse. But I'm 25% Swedish heritage so I'm predisposed to talar svenska. Tak! Vi Ses!
 :  number 1 !!!
 :  i would be travelling to sweden very soon so i would like to learn the basic part of the language. i don't want to be a complete novice to the language when i get there...
 :  I am missing my Swedish boyfriend so much. He left early this month. He is not very good in English so I would like to email him and tell him how much I a missing him. He is the one who enlighten me that I can learn Swedish language online. Thank you for the work you have done for me.

Kind Regards
Mapitso Ramorakane
 :  I wish to learn Swedish language and i will be very glad if this site will assist me in accomplishing my aims and objectives.
 :  Jag behöver lära det svenska språket genom hjälp mig på arabiska

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