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 :  Hey!

I just discovered your page, I think it's great! I was addicted to one very similar before and I know that it is very helpful when you want to learn a new language.
One more thing - there is a mistake in English-Lithuanian course, "Time tracking" section. It says that "I'm leaving tomorrow" means "Aš išvažiuoju šiandien", and it should mean "Aš išvažiuoju rytoj".

Thanks for the great page anyway :)

Good luck!

 :  This is what I've been looking for. My wife is Lithuanian and I am Canadian and I would like to take this free course. Thank you.
 :  Good to get basic phrases down. You need to slow down some of the pronunciation of the phrases. Better yet pronounce each word individually in the sentence. Then say the whole sentence at once.

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