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 :  Molly (Seo-yun) (01-06-2015): Annyeonghaseyo, my name is umair and I live in the uk, but im a very big fan of Korea. This website has really helped me out with my learning Korea.
 :  Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Molly and I live in the uk, but im a very big fan of Korea. This website has really helped me out with my learning Korea.
 :  That's the web site I was looking for a self study of Korean!!!
Thanks a lot!!!
 :  Its very easy to learn different language on net.
I love this website and I am ver much fond of Korean language and I am adie heart fan of Korean actor lee min ho.
 :  I really like this site! It's very helpful! But there is only one downfall.
I'm not sure if I am just missing it or if it's not there but is there a way to slow down what is being spoken? Because I cannot grasp all of it with out it being slowed down. If it is possible can you tell me how? And if not, can you add it? That would make this site amazing!
 :  한국어를 공부합니다.한국어를 많이좋아합니다.

 :  Hi my name is Carmen. My wish is to go to Korea and meet famous people like Park Shin Hye, Kim Myung Soo, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Ho. I am from America and I love their songs so much, I try to sing just like them I think I am getting better, JK.
 :  I've been watching a lot of K-Drama and I have used English sub always. Now I want to able to hear them without reading the sub.. And I hope this website work because all the website I've looked through aren't good.
 :  Great website! Helpful suggestion would be slower audio, and perhaps providing both male and female audio so as to hear different variations of tone and accents! Thank you! :)
 :  I watch a lot of Korean dramas but I don't know Korean so I need to read the English subtitles. I continuously pause so that I can read the subtitles. It takes me time reading the subtitles but if I learnt the language I wouldn't have to keep pausing the drama. Thank you so much. Now I can speak some Korean to my friends and watch dramas without wasting time :D I have set my goal this year and one of my goals were to learn Korean. 감사합니다
 :  This website is so cool! The way you can just look up a word and hear how its spoken! Thanks so much for this site! =)
 :  I've been watching Korean Movies..for sooo long...and I've always been wanting to learn Korean language! so I hope this web will help me...I'm Looking forward to it..
 :  I have been looking for a real helpful website to learn Korean and wish this is my guide to make my poor Korean better. Thanks for this site.
 :  i really like this site!! it helps me so much!! so i'm so thunkfull!! gomapseumnida!!!
 :  Love this site! It's very helpful but It's just too fast and there should be like a slower version otherwise it's great!
 :  This Site is very helpful!! i love it its simple but good!!! thanks now i can understand my dramas :)
 :  I like this site!
 :  i love this website...this website helps me to learn korean. I'm frm india..and I'm a big fan of korean drama..
 :  yeah I love this website it really helps you speak it and write it also so far I'm writing a lot and it really does help and I'm so excited about going to Korea right after I learn a little bit more
 :  this website is amazing on so many levels of awesome and this website is very kool and teaches me a lot and im trying to learn Korean also and this is 100% the website you should go on and my uncle is teaching me Japanese so I really cant wait to go to japan
 :  It was so very amazing!!! I like this page... i've been searching for how many days about how to learn to speak Korean, but it was all hard for me to follow it... and now i found it! And when i found it, i was so very happy... i hope i can learn more =). Anyway thanks to this website! Gomawo ^__^!
 :  this website is really kool and I've been wanting to learn Korean for 3 years and this is really the website to go on it is sometimes hard to hear but it really works
 :  Since everyone trusted this page I know I should and guess what, i already learned the basics and it helps me and i know it will help me more further.
Thanks to this page my dream will just come true- to visit Korean places CC:
 :  thanks to this website because this website hepls me to learn korean i learn korean because ILOVEKOREAN ♥♥♥ NANEUN HANGUK EUL SARANG :) ♥♥♥ I LEARN EVERYDAY TO THIS WEBSITE UNTIL I SPEAK STRAIT KOREAN LANGUAGE :)
 :  it amazing! but to fast..
 :  This website are really help me to learn other language..I have used this website since last year and yes,It did really work..now I can communicate with Korean,Japanese,Thai and French..Do you want to be like me?..what are you waiting for,open this website regularly and you will be able to have many friends around the world.. :)
 :  imi place foarte mult coreeana dar este mai usoara Japoneza si Chineza!
 :  I love this Website because it's really good for learn Korean language beginners.... :) I’m from Myanmar...now I live in U.S...and I really like to learn Korean language...I try to learn so I fine in Google I found it but it's doesn't work So I watch a lot of Korean movies for the reason is learning Korean language it's doesn’t work again because I don't understand a lot of mean So I’m sad.... but I don't give up I fine again AND NOW FINALLY I FOUND THIS WEBSITE IT HELP ME ALOT...
 :  I bookmarked this page because it helps me learn orean better than other websites. I have to agree with everyone else. The speaker needs to slow down.I just started and I'm not really having trouble with the pronunciation, but I'm having difficulty with the characters. You see, I'm chinese and I have t learn chinese characters because I don't live in China, so trying to balnce my Chinese charaxters while learning Korean is hard.
 :  This website is really really good for beginners. Thanks for teaching.
 :  lee min ho is the reason why I love learning Korean!!!
lee min ho is the reason why I like living in Seoul!!!
lee min ho is the reason why I smile!!
If once I could see him,I wanna tell him in Korean that I love him!!!
 :  I am a 9 year old mexican and i speak very good korean because of this site.I is better faster because I understand better faster than slower
 :  Wow this site is very good for beginners. However its a little bit faster. If possible there is a need for slower option to be able to get the pronunciation correctly. Anyway great site.
 :  This site is good, but too fast! need an option for slower as well as the faster so you can really hear what is being said.
 :  i love it and i agree with the other comments below
 :  I have to agree with Shawn, I will continue to use the site but it would be nice if it a little slowed down so that it would be clearer.
 :  I think this site is very good but you could slow down just a little bit and make the words more clear but it is very accurate so Thanks!
 :  This website is really good, though some of the words are hard to hear. Overall its very good no problems with it. This site is very helpful, Thanks for the teachings very good an awesome site.

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