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 :  Hello everybody,
Iam very exciting to learn a new language so that i can connect with the people over the world...Bonjour le monde!;)
 :  This is really cool! And you can even write down some words you have trouble with so you can study them later. Long story short, I ended up taking several hours learning French! It was so much fun!
 :  It's just the best way to learn French and any other international language.
 :  This a great site and a wonderful place learners to get their french diction right. I started here knowing nothing but now I can do french as if I was born in France and there's understanding to whatever that goes on here.
 :  I'm 45 years old. I wants to learn and speak french. Because my child is abroad. I think that this course can be helpful for me.
 :  This is a great web site for begginers. but i think it could use more words like like, fun, crazy, warid, these, those, but, butt, hair, pellow, bed, what is here, why is that there,
 :  I want to learn different languages that all, but for now I know the sentence " I love you too my darling" Moi aussi je te t'aime. Yaah something like that
 :  Very good and comprehensive for a 1st level French language learner! Five star stuff!
 :  Hi. I am just checking out your website as an additive to my French course at St Lawrence College in Kingston, ON Canada. The PDF is very helpful and I would like to learn more about what your site offers. I am very visual and find my listening/comprehension skill the weakest link for me. Do you have slow audio or anything that can help me improve this skill. Your site is wonderful. Thanks.
 :  I like French. Supper language. Congratulations. Bye!
 :  Remarkable idea and program!
It promotes the beginning of so many people to get involved in different languages learning!
 :  Love it, fast and easy igirius jin desu and i just learned so easily keep up the awsome work but one flaw can u put a box where we can type in the scentence of what we want to learn in another language
 :  hey this really works I know how to speak little French thanks!
 :  Thanks a lot, Very much eager but have no specific purpose but to surprise my daughter and relatives. I can spend only 15 minutes a day. Kindly let me know as to whether it is possible for me to speak french only a little or not by one year. Regards, Santanu.
Loecsen: You can get beyond the absolute basics in a language following this course.
 :  this site is a very good site to learn French (Merci Beaucoup!)Well thank's alot (((((: (Merci pour votre aide)THANK you for Your HElp^.^
 :  This site is really helpful for all people who want to learn french. I would like to recommend this website to learn french and other languages too. :-)
 :  im here in Canada and i want to learn French language, this page is very excellent for first timers like me. Merci beaucoup!
 :  Going to France soon. Thank you for your help with the language.
 :  I am a Ghanaian living still Ghana surrounded by french speaking countries so therefore I see it a necessity to learn to speak and write french. Again I realised that most of the African Countries are french speaking countries and in other to ensure free movement, I want to use your medium to learn to speak french.
 :  French is one of the many languages I'm interested in learning, I just thought I should start with this one.
 :  Excellent website for teaching Foreign language in the best possible way. Bravo!!
 :  good ! very good
 :  Teach me the essentials of French words and phrases for traveling.
 :  In my opinion, this website is the best way to learn basic phrases in French: you have juste to listen to French audio words and repeat!

Je n'ai pas peur de la route
- I'm not afraid of the road
Faudrait voir, faut qu'on y goûte
- We should see, we must taste it
Des méandres aux creux des reins
- Meanders in the hollow of our waists
Tout ira bien
-Everything will be fine
Le vent l'emportera
- The wind will carry it away

Ton message à la grande ourse
- Your message to the big dipper
Et la trajectoire de la course
- And the trajectory of the race (itinerary)
Un instantané de velour
- A velvet instant photograph
Même s'il ne sert à rien
- Even thought it's useless
Le vent l'emportera
-The wind will carry it away
Tout disparaîtra
- All will disappear (gradually dissipate)
Le vent l'emportera
- The wind will carry it away

La caresse et la mitraille
- The caress and the grape shot
Cette plaie qui nous tiraille
- That nagging wound
Le palais des autres jours
- The other days palace
D'hier et demain
- Of yesterdays and tomorrows
Le vent l'emportera
- The wind will carry it away

Génétique en bandoulière
- Shoulder strapped genetics
Des chromosomes dans l'atmosphère
- Chromosomes in the atmosphere
Des taxis pour les galaxies
- Taxis for the galaxies
...et mon tapis volant, dis ?
-...and my flying carpet, say ?
Le vent l'emportera
-The wind will carry it away
Tout disparaîtra
- All will disappear (gradually dissipate)
Le vent l'emportera
- The wind will carry it away

Ce parfum de nos années mortes
- This scent (perfume) of our dead years
Ce qui peut frapper à ta porte
- What can will knock on your door
Infinité de destins
- Infinity of destinies
On en pose un, qu'est-ce qu'on en retient ?
- Of the ones we lay, what do we retain ? * (see note)
Le vent l'emportera
-The wind will carry it away

Tandis que la marée monte
- While the tide is climbing
Et que chacun refait ses comptes
- Everyone revises their account
J'amène au creux de mon ombre
- In my hollow shadow I bring
Des poussières de toi
- Dust particles of you (singular you) ** (see note)
Le vent l'emportera
-The wind will carry it away
Tout disparaîtra
- All will disappear (gradually dissipate)
Le vent l'emportera
- The wind will carry it away

Sophie Hunger live covering Noir Désir's song "Le Vent nous portera".
Shot by Jeremiah
Produced by Kidam

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