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 :  I enjoyed to learn a new vocabulary with online course. I think that "see, listen and repeat" is a powerful activity. Grazie mille! I also appreciate that it is free
 :  I have been trolling the internet for an Italian language course when I came across this one, it is great and very simple to understand and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn another language for the basiscs
 :  A good choice of words, and thanks for being free. But the spoken Italian is waaaaay too fast for an American to hear and learn, even though I know a little.
 :  Hello Mingalarbar ( Buon )
Now I am learning Italino from University of foreign language in Myanmar.. so I want to speak fluently Italino because i love this language..especially i would like to know how to learn,,, how to study and how to speak.
 :  This website has helped a lot already, all of my friends speak another language, but I don't!!!! I really hope I can speak Italian after a loooooong while!!!!!
 :  A very good course for basic needs. I´ve just decided to go to Italy in summer, so I´m trying to improve my basics. And it works. Thank you for you kind help. You´re doing a good job, really. Best regards, Jan Erasmus. Czech Republic.
 :  This is great. A very pleasant, private, and effective way to start getting familiar with a language.
 :  Io sono una bulgara, 71 anni. Ho studiato italiano ai 12-14 anni. Ho scritto con un bambino a Torino. Egli ha scritto buone lettere. Due anni,si chiama Fabbio. Non ricordo suo familie name. Non ho dimenticarlo. Amo Italia di mia madre, padre e fratello. Ho visitato Venezia per prima volta al 6 guigno questo anno. Mio lavoro era phisica, theoretica e atomica, ma ho lavorato 34 anni in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences coi chemichers. Visitero vostro "site" ,perchio voglio studiare italiano vivo "per free". Gracie mille. A dopo
 :  thank you so much for your link, this basic study is helping me teach my husband English from Italian, and you've made it so easy to learn in one day he is already using sentences and speaking and asking questions in English...thank you thank you thank you
 :  Very good site. Easy to navigate and easy to understand the English to Italian.
 :  I hope this website will help me a lot!!

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You will find on this website: the method to know how to learn vocabulary, useful expressions and good pronunciation to speak Italian

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