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 :  i am actually a fast learner and today i have started nd i have already learnt how to start and end a conversation in korean

 :  This website is really helpfull, but what if your name is not Sarah or you don't live in England?
Loecsen: you just have to replace Sarah by your name.
 :  I really love this website. I am learning Japanese, Korean, and French. Soon, I will also learn three more languages, and that will be Chinese, Russian, and German. Thank you for this website.
 :  i really love it.... it help me a lot thank you
 :  This website really helped me a lot in learning korean!!
 :  This is really helpful to learn Korean,감사합니다.
 :  Thanks for this lesson its too easy
 :  I just discovered this site by way of a Google search. I wanted something to complement my Rosetta Stone Korean language learning and this is the perfect online program to do that with. Thank-you so much!
 :  heyyy, on the quizzes i cant scroll down the list to choose the correct answer. Help?
Loecsen : could you give us some more information regarding your issue? Which device and OS do you use? Please let us know.
 :  Daebak!It's so helpful & easy actually for me.Gamsahabnida!
 :  This is really helpful. Jeongmal kamsahamnida!
 :  i love kpop, and the Korean culture, but i'm not a Koreaboo
 :  Useful but I would advise adding a slower version (of the voice recording) as well as a fast pace version. People newer to a language will find it helpful, especially when using words such as '드려요' because many people won't know the correct pronunciation and won't be able to learn it from the way it is spoken in these recondings.

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