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English Basque
Hello Egun on
Hello Kaixo
Good evening Arrastiri on
Good evening Arratsalde on
Goodbye Adio
See you later Gero arte
Yes Bai
No Ez
Please! Otoi!
Please! Mesedez!
Thanks Milesker
Thanks Eskerrik asko
Thanks a lot Milesker!
Thanks a lot Eskerrik asko!
Thank you for your help Milesker laguntzagatik
Thank you for your help Eskerrik asko laguntzagatik
Don't mention it Ez duzu zeren
Don't mention it Deusetaz
Ok Ados
How much is it? Zenbat balio du, otoi?
How much is it? Zenbat balio du, mesedez?
Sorry! Barkatu!
I don't understand Ez dut ulertzen
I get it Ulertu dut
I don't know Ez dakit
Forbidden Debekatua
Excuse me, where are the toilets? Non dira komunak, otoi?
Excuse me, where are the toilets? Non daude komunak, mesedez?
Happy New Year! Urte berri on!
Happy birthday! Urtebetetze on!
Happy holiday! Besta zoriontsuak!
Happy holiday! Jai zoriontsuak!
Congratulations! Goresmenak!
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Egun on! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Basque language, which stands out for its history and peculiarities. Let us guide you on this linguistic journey where you will discover the richness of this language and the reasons why it is worth learning.

Why learn Basque?

The Basque language is the oldest in Western Europe and does not come from any other language, not even from Latin! This linguistic isolate is still alive today and spoken by hundreds of thousands of speakers. Learning this language will allow you to communicate with your relatives living in the Basque Country, to integrate into the local community and to preserve the linguistic heritage of your ancestors.

This learning method is meant to be practical and adapted to your daily life. You'll learn useful vocabulary and common expressions through concise chapters and interactive quizzes. Repeat words aloud to get familiar with the sounds of the Basque language and progress quickly.

Basque is a language with unique rules, devoid of grammatical gender. For example, to speak to a woman, you must add an "n" to the verb, while to speak to a man, you must add a "k". The pronunciation of the letter "r" also varies in different regions of the Basque Country, adding a richness of sound to this already intriguing language.

Using the Latin alphabet, the Basque language is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn it. Practice regularly and be guided by our personalized recommendation system to improve your language skills.

Enter this adventure and set out to conquer this enchanting language. Learn to count, order at a restaurant or ask for directions in Basque, and discover a rich and welcoming culture through the eyes of its speakers. With a little effort and perseverance, you will be able to master this unique language in no time. Come on, cheer up, and have a great language journey!

How to learn Basque in 9 steps?

  1. Learn the basics of vocabulary. Start by learning common words and phrases that you can use in everyday conversation. Mastering the specific vocabulary of that language will help you understand the words you hear or see written.
  2. Practice speaking.One of the best ways to learn a language is to listen to native speakers speak it. Watch YouTube videos, movies, and TV shows. Then repeat the words and phrases to improve your pronunciation. Even just talking to yourself, this exercise practiced regularly will make you progress dramatically (we've created a unique tool dedicated to this training).
  3. Learn the basics of grammar. Like all languages, Basque has its own grammatical rules. Learn the basics of Basque grammar, such as verbs, nouns, articles and pronouns. This will help you construct simple correct sentences in Basque.
  4. Find a conversation partner. Practice speaking with native speakers or other learners. Use the words and phrases you've learned to introduce yourself, talk about your interests, ask questions, etc. The more you practice, the more you will improve your comprehension and expression.
  5. Read in Basque. Read books, newspapers, and magazines in Basque to help you better understand the language.
  6. Find the right teaching resources. There are many books, online courses, apps, and websites that can help you learn Basque. Choose the resources that are right for you and that you feel are appropriate for your level and goals.
  7. Join a language class with a teacher. Taking a class with a qualified teacher can help you learn the language faster. There are many sites that allow you to find qualified teachers.
  8. Anticipate periods of stagnation. After a few months, you'll feel like you're not making any progress: there are always periods when progress is rapid and visible, followed by periods when progress is no longer noticeable. The best way to get through these rough patches is to keep improving by diversifying your learning sources.
  9. Be regular and consistent. It's better to spend a few minutes a day practicing than an hour once a week. Learning a new language can take time and patience, but by persevering, you will eventually reach your goal of mastering Basque. Keep studying and practicing to improve your skills and reach your learning goals. And never lose sight of this: fun is the best driver of any learning.

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