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Learn Portuguese

English Portuguese
Hello Bom dia
Hi! Olá!
Good evening Boa noite
Good evening Boa tarde
Goodbye Adeus
See you later Até Logo
Yes Sim
No Não
Please! Por favor!
Please! Se faz favor
Thanks Obrigado
Thanks Obrigada
Thanks a lot Muito obrigada!
Thanks a lot Muito obrigado!
Thank you for your help Obrigado pela sua ajuda
Thank you for your help Obrigada pela sua ajuda
Don't mention it De nada
Ok Está bem !
Ok De acordo !
How much is it? Quanto custa por favor? 
Sorry! Desculpe !
I don't understand Não compreendo
I get it Compreendi
I don't know Não sei
Forbidden Proibido
Excuse me, where are the toilets? Onde é a casa de banho por favor?
Happy New Year! Feliz ano novo!
Happy birthday! Feliz aniversario!
Happy holiday! Boas festas!
Congratulations! Felicidades!
Congratulations! Parabéns
Vocabulaire mémorisé
Here you will find all the words that your memory seems to have stored permanently. However, they will only stay there if you keep them in contact with them regularly, through conversations, reading, listening to radio programs or watching films, series or television programs. You can also consult this list from time to time and randomly test whether you remember the words offered to you. If not, you can remove the words you forgot from this list.

First contact

This course aims to give travelers the tools they need to quickly master essential expressions in Portuguese for everyday situations, such as greeting someone, asking for directions, or ordering a dish in a restaurant. By the end of the course, learners will be able to communicate with simple words on their next trip to Portugal, Brazil, or other Portuguese-speaking countries.
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How to learn Portuguese by yourself? Start with an easy and free online course!

We have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learn how to speak a language easily and quickly: we suggest you to start by memorizing words, phrases and practical expressions that you can use in everyday life and that will be useful when traveling.
Getting used to pronounce words out loud, numbers for instance, is an easy exercise that you can practice often and at anytime throughout the day.
It will help you to get used to the sounds of your chosen language and thus make it more familiar.
And once your holidays have begun, in Lisbon in Portugal or in Rio in Brazil, you will be surprised how familiar and easy to understand it will seem.
Furthermore, using a pocket dictionary is always useful, particularly during a trip. It enables you to find the translation of new words and enrich your vocabulary.

Why speak Portuguese while travelling?

Portugal, a captivating country at the crossroads of cultures

Portugal is Europe's oldest country. Its history and cultural heritage have been marked by many influences which have given each region a distinct personality. Being able to converse with its people, whose kindness and hospitality are clear for all to see, will make your stay even more rewarding.

A language spoken on every continent

Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world and the 5th most used language on the Internet. This language is spoken in Europe of course, but also in Brazil and in Africa (Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde). It is also the official language of two Asian countries: Macao and East Timor. Although there are local variations, the language remains largely homogeneous wherever it is used.

An international language which is increasingly sought after

A growing number of companies are choosing to locate in Brazil or to establish commercial links with this country. Thanks to its economic and demographic vitality, the number of speakers will only increase in the coming decades. To learn to speak Portuguese today is to choose a language of the future which promotes interaction on a global scale.

Make a success of your stay in Portugal, Brazil or in a Portuguese-speaking country

Whether you are going to spend a few days with friends for a leisure trip or if you are on a business trip, nothing will be more useful to you than to be able to slip a few words in the language of your interlocutors, who will appreciate your effort and will be certainly more willing to help.

How to succeed in having good pronunciation within a week to a month?

There are no good or bad techniques when you start learning a language on your own: in essence, it requires self-confidence and the ability to be guided by your own instinct for discovery.

The only thing you should never lose sight of is what motivated you to speak this language: you fell in love with Fado, you want to read the sublime and subtle poetry of Pessoa in its original language, you think that Brazilians are the most wonderful football players in the world, or the Rio Carnival is your next holiday destination?

In order to conserve your energy, we would advise you to focus as much as possible in your first lessons on your primary motivation to learn the language. Then gradually you will discover more reasons to love this language, which is filled with warm and varied cultural currents.

One of the characteristics of the Portuguese language is that it is spoken with melodic and nasal tones at the same time. It is essential to try to master the word stress in order to succeed at pronouncing it well. Moreover, the presence of a special accent, the "tilde (~)" which can be found on the "o" or the "a", will give a valuable indication of how to pronounce words with these vowels. Obviously this is only a brief overview, as you will literally have to immerse yourself in this language to be able to assimilate the many subtleties related to its pronunciation.

We invite you to listen to the pronunciation of the letters by clicking on the following link: Portuguese alphabet with audio.

Improve your pronunciation

Download the sounds and print the lists

All the vocabulary of this theme

Alphabet : Portuguese


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Mamun Chowdhury :  I have been using the Loecsen application to learn Portuguese, and it has been a very nice experience. The app is user-friendly and offers a variety of interactive lessons that make learning enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend Loecsen to anyone looking to learn a new language.
Sala Uddin Rakib :  awesome experience
Stephan Watkins :  Trying to learn Portuguese in Sao Paulo, kinda necessity. ..if anyone wants to do English (American) language exchange [email protected]
Yan Gianelli :  Do you have any native english speakers around here who want to do a language exchange with a native portuguese speaker? if anyone is interested i would be happy to help as it would also be good for my english learning.
Mario Cruz Menezes  :  Greetings!

I'm Mario Cruz Menezes from GOA. This is an excellent programe and it is my utmost desire to learn Portuguese. I'm slow learner but have a strong ambition to master this beautiful language. Can someone guide me to learn this language from basics ie Speaking... Listening and understanding...Reading... and Writing.

Muito Obrigado, Tchau Amigo, Se cuida.

Laddavan  :  Hi, I would like to learn more purtogese could you add some more hardest conversation in the Future it’s very handy and convenience to keep practicing
EUNICE :  Good day, I would say this app is truly the best . Please if the is anyone that would like to be practicing what we learning here through chats or additional tips send me an email eunikekalomo@gmailcom.
Phillipe :  Hi, my name is Phillipe and I can help you with your Portuguese. I´m Brazilian and lived and Portugal for a period, so you can choose what tipe of portuguese you want to practice although they are almost the same. Send me an email ([email protected]) and together we find the better way to practice real and live conversation (skype, teams, whatapp..) Hugs!
Martial  :  This wat y of learning its just amazing, I do like it. Thanks a lot.
Erastus Uushona Iita :  I started using this app this month Jan 2020 and I feel proud of this useful app. Can we please start up a WhatsApp group so we can master our language skills? Those interested please catch me at +264815555267 Namibia . Thank you
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