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Learn japanese - Essentials

English Japanese
Hello おはよう - ohayō
Good evening こんばんは - konbanwa
Goodbye またね - mata ne
See you later また後でね - mata ato de ne
Yes うん - un
No ううん - uun
Excuse me! すみません - sumimasen
Thanks ありがとう - arigatō
Thanks a lot どうもありがとう! - dōmo arigatō!
Thank you for your help 助かった、ありがとう - tasukatta, arigatō
Don't mention it どういたしまして - dōitashimashite
Ok オーケー - ōkē
How much is it? すみません、値段は いくらですか? - sumimasen, nedan wa ikura desu ka ?
Sorry! ごめん! - gomen !
I don't understand わからない - wakaranai
I get it わかった - wakatta
I don't know 知らない - shiranai
Forbidden 禁止 - kinshi
Excuse me, where are the toilets? すみません、 トイレはどこですか? - sumimasen, toire wa doko desu ka ?
Happy New Year! 明けまして おめでとう! - akemashite omedetō !
Happy birthday! お誕生日 おめでとう! - otanjōbi omedetō !
Happy holiday! よいお年を! - yoi otoshi wo !
Congratulations! おめでとう! - omedetō !

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 :  I love this website! It's very educational and, I almost know how to speak Japanese.
 :  this is sooo helpful ありがとうございました