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Learn german - Essentials

English German
Hello Guten Tag
Good evening Guten Abend
Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen
See you later Bis später
Yes Ja
No Nein
Excuse me! Bitte!
Thanks Danke schön!
Thanks a lot Vielen Dank!
Thank you for your help Danke für Ihre Hilfe
Don't mention it Bitte sehr
Ok In Ordnung
How much is it? Was kostet das bitte?
Sorry! Entschuldigung!
I don't understand Ich verstehe nicht
I get it Ich habe verstanden
I don't know Ich weiß nicht
Forbidden Verboten
Excuse me, where are the toilets? Wo sind die Toiletten bitte?
Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr
Happy birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Congratulations! Gratuliere!

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 :  It would greatly help if an audio pronunciation of the German words could be provided. It will go a long way to help
 :  CONGRATULATIONS 4 YR JOB: I lived, worked and studied English language (Non academic curse)in Cambridge/UK and I consider yr job very didactic and v/ interesting 4 everyone to start a new language. I agree with with the concept basic of basics to start because if you dont understand the basic words and expressions WHY we start immediatly learn grammar? ....The Classic process ist very borring to start if you need the language immediatly ....and became just a frustrating time. Greating for all yr time! Im John/ Mainz/ DE