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 :  This is a great website! I am going to China soon and am hoping to at least know the basics. This website is great for it since it categorizes the essentials and other things you should know! :)
 :  WOW!This is great!!!
 :  OMG! I learn so much from just ONE lesson!!! Very excited to learn more. Just a beginner but my Chinese teacher sees me improving!! Thanks for ur help!!
 :  the best on-line learning for chinese I found so far!! Love it. Thank you
 :  My first time .... Very interesting and very helpful. I am "raw" beginner, is there a way I can select to hear each word individually - especially words of long phrases, like "Excuse me, where are the toilets?" and "Thank you for your help"
Thanks a lot.
 :  Very good, so clear and easy to follow, thank u.
 :  Please can you add more content. The current stuff is brilliant!

Qǐng nín tiānjiā gèng duō nèiróng. Mùqián de dōngxī shì huīhuáng de!

Loecsen : coming soon:)
 :  Is this simplified chinese or traditional chinese?
Loecsen : simplified
 :  This is very simple and easy to learn.
 :  This is awesome way to learn Chinese here we have Assimil Chinese Course book from where you can learn Chinese easily.
 :  This is a wonderful tool when you a beginner, especially when used for revision. I have been studying Chinese for a while and have been looking for a programme that offers useful phrases. Can we expect more topics in the future? Feichang gan xie.
Loecsen : Yes!
 :  I love you so much and i want you to know that!