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Translation / Numbers

Learn french - Numbers
Learn french - Numbers

English French
Zero Zéro
One Un
Two Deux
Three Trois
Four Quatre
Five Cinq
Six Six
Seven Sept
Eight Huit
Nine Neuf
Ten Dix
Eleven Onze
Twelve Douze
Thirteen Treize
Fourteen Quatorze
Fifteen Quinze
Sixteen Seize
Seventeen Dix-sept
Eighteen Dix-huit
Nineteen Dix-neuf
Twenty Vingt
Twenty-one Vingt-et-un
Twenty-two Vingt-deux
Twenty-three Vingt-trois
Twenty-four Vingt-quatre
Twenty-five Vingt-cinq
Twenty-six Vingt-six
Twenty-seven Vingt-sept
Twenty-eight Vingt-huit
Twenty-nine Vingt-neuf
Thirty Trente
Thirty-one Trente-et-un
Thirty-two Trente-deux
Thirty-three Trente-trois
Thirty-four Trente-quatre
Thirty-five Trente-cinq
Thirty-six Trente-six
Forty Quarante
Fifty Cinquante
Sixty Soixante
Seventy Soixante-dix
Eighty Quatre-vingts
Ninety Quatre-vingt-dix
One hundred Cent
A hundred and five Cent-cinq
Two hundred Deux-cents
Three hundred Trois-cents
Four hundred Quatre-cents
A thousand Mille
A thousand five hundred Mille-cinq-cents
Two thousand Deux-mille
Ten thousand Dix-mille

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