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This tool's aim is to encourage you to speak aloud, in order to familiarise yourself with the language you wish to speak.

By listening to yourself speak, you will speed up your rate of learning spectacularly.

We have added an extra little service to make this tool even more enjoyable, clicking on the words provides you with automatic translations. These translations, when correct, can help you to understand the meaning of words in isolation, but do not in any way claim to provide the overall meaning of a sentence. This service is only the Beta version of a tool that we intend to offer in the near future.

Please note: this service only works with the CHROME browser, which you can download by clicking on the following link: Google Chrome.

Translation / Parting

Learn hebrew - Parting
Learn hebrew - Parting

English Hebrew
It's late, I have to go! מאוחר! אני חייבת ללכת! - meuhar! any hayvet lalehet!
Shall we meet again? ?נוכל להתראות - nuhal lytraot?
Yes with pleasure כן, בכיף - ken, bekeif
This is my address אני גרה בכתובת הזו - any gara baktovet hazo
Do you have a phone number? ?יש לך מספר טלפון - yesh leha myspar telefon?
Yes here you go כן, הנה - ken, yne
I had a lovely time היה לי נחמד איתך - haya ly nehmad ytah
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you גם לי, נעים להכיר אותך - gam ly, naym lehakyr otha
We will see each other soon נתראה בקרוב - nytrae bekarov
I hope so too אני גם מקוה - any gam mekave
Goodbye להתראות! - lehytraot!
See you tomorrow נפגש מחר - nipagesh mahar
Bye! ביי! - bay!

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