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This tool's aim is to encourage you to speak aloud, in order to familiarise yourself with the language you wish to speak.

By listening to yourself speak, you will speed up your rate of learning spectacularly.

We have added an extra little service to make this tool even more enjoyable, clicking on the words provides you with automatic translations. These translations, when correct, can help you to understand the meaning of words in isolation, but do not in any way claim to provide the overall meaning of a sentence. This service is only the Beta version of a tool that we intend to offer in the near future.

Please note: this service only works with the CHROME browser, which you can download by clicking on the following link: Google Chrome.

Translation / Feelings

Learn hebrew - Feelings
Learn hebrew - Feelings

English Hebrew
I really like your country אני אוהב מאד את המדינה שלך - any oev meod et amedyna shelha
I love you אני אוהבת אותך - any oevet otha
I am happy אני שמח - any sameh
I am sad אני עצובה - any atsuva
I feel great here אני מרגיש טוב כאן - any margysh tov kan
I am cold קר לי - kar ly
I am hot חם לי - ham ly
It's too big זה גדול מדי - ze gadol myday
It's too small זה קטן מדי - ze katan myday
It's perfect זה מושלם - ze mushlam
Do you want to go out tonight? ?אתה רוצה לצאת הערב - ata roze latset aerev?
I would like to go out tonight אני אשמח לצאת הערב - any esmah lazet aerev
It is a good idea זה רעיון טוב - ze ra'ayon tov
I want to have fun יש לי חשק לעשות חיים - yesh ly heshek la'asot haym
It is not a good idea זה לא רעיון טוב - ze lo ra'ayon tov
I don't want to go out tonight אין לי חשק לצאת הערב - eyn ly heshek latset aerev
I want to rest יש לי חשק לנוח - yesh ly heshek lanuah
Would you like to do some sport? אתה רוצה לעשות ספורט - ata rotse la'asot sport?
Yes, I need to relax כן, אני צריך להתפרק! - ken, any tsaryh leytparek!
I play tennis אני משחק טניס - any mesahek tenys
No thanks. I am tired already לא, תודה, אני די עיף - lo, toda, any dey ayef

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