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English Indonesian
The bar Bar
Would you like to have a drink? Apakah kamu mau pesan minum ?
To drink Minum
Glass Gelas
With pleasure Dengan senang hati
What would you like? Kamu mau pesan apa ?
What's on offer? Ada minuman apa ?
There is water or fruit juices Ada air atau jus buah
Water Air
Can you add some ice cubes, please? Apakah saya boleh tambah es batu ?
Ice cubes Es batu
Chocolate Coklat
Milk Susu
Tea Teh
Coffee Kopi
With sugar Pakai gula
With cream Pakai susu crem
Wine Anggur merah
Beer Bir
A tea please Boleh saya pesan satu teh
A beer please Boleh saya pesan satu bir
What would you like to drink? Mau minum apa kalian ?
Two teas please! Boleh saya minta dua teh
Two beers please! Boleh saya minta dua bir
Nothing, thanks Saya tidak mau minum apa apa terimah kasih
Cheers! Cheers
Can we have the bill please? Apakah saya boleh minta bon?
Excuse me, how much do I owe? Berapa saya harus bayar anda?
Twenty euros Dua puluh euro
It's on me Saya yang undang

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