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Translation / Essentials

Learn italian - Essentials
Learn italian - Essentials

English Italian
Hello Buongiorno
Good evening Buonasera
Goodbye Arriverderci
See you later A dopo
No No
Excuse me! Per favore!
Thanks Grazie
Thanks a lot Grazie mille
Thank you for your help Grazie per il suo aiuto
Don't mention it Prego
Ok Va bene
How much is it? Quanto costa, per favore?
Sorry! Mi scusi !
I don't understand Non ho capito
I get it Ho capito
I don't know Non so
Forbidden Vietato
Excuse me, where are the toilets? Dov'è il bagno per favore ?
Happy New Year! Buon anno!
Happy birthday! Buon compleanno!
Happy holiday! Buone feste!
Congratulations! Congratulazioni!

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