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Translation / Numbers

Learn italian - Numbers
Learn italian - Numbers

English Italian
Zero Zero
One Uno
Two Due
Three Tre
Four Quattro
Five Cinque
Six Sei
Seven Sette
Eight Otto
Nine Nove
Ten Dieci
Eleven Undici
Twelve Dodici
Thirteen Tredici
Fourteen Quattordici
Fifteen Quindici
Sixteen Sedici
Seventeen Diciassette
Eighteen Diciotto
Nineteen Diciannove
Twenty Venti
Twenty-one Ventuno
Twenty-two Ventidue
Twenty-three Ventitre
Twenty-four Ventiquattro
Twenty-five Venticinque
Twenty-six Ventisei
Twenty-seven Ventisette
Twenty-eight Ventotto
Twenty-nine Ventinove
Thirty Trenta
Thirty-one Trentuno
Thirty-two Trentadue
Thirty-three Trentatre
Thirty-four Trentaquattro
Thirty-five Trentacinque
Thirty-six Trentasei
Forty Quaranta
Fifty Cinquanta
Sixty Sessanta
Seventy Settanta
Eighty Ottanta
Ninety Novanta
One hundred Cento
A hundred and five Cento-cinque
Two hundred Duecento
Three hundred Trecento
Four hundred Quattrocento
A thousand Mille
A thousand five hundred Millecinquecento
Two thousand Duemila
Ten thousand Diecimila

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