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Translation / Parting

Learn italian - Parting
Learn italian - Parting

English Italian
It's late, I have to go! È tardi ! Devo andare!
Shall we meet again? Ci rivedremo ?
Yes with pleasure Sì, certamente
This is my address Abito a quest'indirizzo
Do you have a phone number? Hai un numero di telefono?
Yes here you go Sì, eccolo
I had a lovely time Ho trascorso un momento piacevole con te
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Anch'io, mi ha fatto piacere incontrarti
We will see each other soon Ci rivedremo presto
I hope so too Lo spero anch'io
Goodbye Arrivederci
See you tomorrow A domani
Bye! Ciao

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