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Translation / Family

Learn japanese - Family
Learn japanese - Family

English Japanese
Do you have family here? 家族もここに住んでいるの? - kazoku mo koko ni sunde iru no ?
My father 僕のお父さん - boku no otōsan
My mother 僕のお母さん - boku no okāsan
My son 僕の息子 - boku no musuko
My daughter 僕の娘 - boku no musume
A brother 弟 - otōto
a sister 妹 - imōto
a friend 女友達 - on'na tomodachi
My boyfriend 私の彼氏 - watashi no kareshi
My girlfriend 僕の彼女 - boku no kanojo
My husband 私の夫 - watashi no otto
My wife 僕の妻 - boku no tsuma

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