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Translation / Numbers

Learn japanese - Numbers
Learn japanese - Numbers

English Japanese
Zero ゼロ - zero
One 一 - ichi
Two 二 - ni
Three 三 - san
Four 四 - yon
Five 五 - go
Six 六 - roku
Seven 七 - nana
Eight 八 - hachi
Nine 九 - kyū
Ten 十 - 
Eleven 十一 - jū ichi
Twelve 十二 - jū ni
Thirteen 十三 - jū san
Fourteen 十四 - jū shi
Fifteen 十五 - jū go
Sixteen 十六 - jū roku
Seventeen 十七 - jū nana
Eighteen 十八 - jū hachi
Nineteen 十九 - jū kyū
Twenty 二十 - ni jū
Twenty-one 二十一 - ni jū ichi
Twenty-two 二十二 - ni jū ni
Twenty-three 二十三 - ni jū san
Twenty-four 二十四 - ni jū yon
Twenty-five 二十五 - ni jū go
Twenty-six 二十六 - ni jū roku
Twenty-seven 二十七 - ni jū nana
Twenty-eight 二十八 - ni jū hachi
Twenty-nine 二十九 - ni jū kyū
Thirty 三十 - san jū
Thirty-one 三十一 - san jū ichi
Thirty-two 三十二 - san jū ni
Thirty-three 三十三 - san jū san
Thirty-four 三十四 - san jū shi
Thirty-five 三十五 - san jū go
Thirty-six 三十六 - san jū roku
Forty 四十 - yon jū
Fifty 五十 - go jū
Sixty 六十 - roku jū
Seventy 七十 - nana jū
Eighty 八十 - hachi jū
Ninety 九十 - kyū jū
One hundred 百 - hyaku
A hundred and five 百五 - hyaku go
Two hundred 二百 - ni hyaku
Three hundred 三百 - san byaku
Four hundred 四百 - yon hyaku
A thousand 千 - sen
A thousand five hundred 千五百 - sen go hyaku
Two thousand 二千 - ni sen
Ten thousand 一万 - ichi man

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