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Translation / Beach

Learn japanese - Beach
Learn japanese - Beach

English Japanese
The beach ビーチ - bīchi
Do you know where I can buy a ball? どこでビーチ ボールが買えるか知っ てますか? - dokode bīchi bōru ga kaeru ka shitte masu ka ?
There is a store in this direction この方向に進めば 店があ りますよ - kono hōkō ni susumeba mise ga arimasu yo
a ball ビーチボール - bīchi bōru
Binoculars 双眼鏡 - sōgankyō
a cap 帽子 - bōshi
a towel タオル - taoru
Sandals サンダル - sandaru
a bucket バケツ - baketsu
Suntan lotion 日焼けどめクリーム - hiyakedome kurīmu
Swimming trunks 海水パンツ - kaisui pantsu
Sunglasses サングラス - sangurasu
Shellfish 甲殻類 - kōkakurui
Sunbathing 日光浴をする - nikkōyoku wo suru
Sunny 晴れた - hareta
Sunset 日没 - nichibotsu
Parasol パラソル - parasoru
Sun 太陽 - taiyō
Sunstroke 日射病 - nisshabyō
Is it dangerous to swim here? ここで泳ぐの 危ない? - koko de oyogu no abunai ?
No, it is not dangerous ううん、危なくないよ - uun, abunaku nai yo
Yes, it is forbidden to swim here うん、ここで泳ぐの 禁止されてるよ - un, koko de oyogu no kinshi sareteru yo
Swim 泳ぐ - oyogu
Swimming 水泳 - suiei
Wave 波 - nami
Sea 海 - umi
Dune 砂丘 - sakyū
Sand 砂 - suna
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? 明日の天気予報はどう? - ashita no tenki yohō wa dō ?
The weather is going to change 天気は変わるみたい - tenki wa kawaru mitai
It is going to rain 雨が降るみたい - ame ga furu mitai
It will be sunny 晴れるみたい - hareru mitai
It will be very windy 風が強いみたい - kaze ga tsuyoi mitai
Swimming suit 水着 - mizugi
Sunshade 日陰 - hikage

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