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Translation / Learning

Learn korean - Learning
Learn korean - Learning

English Korean
Do you want to learn a few words? 단어를 좀 더 배울래요? - Dan-eoleul jom deo baeullaeyo?
Yes, sure! 네, 좋아요 - Ne, joh-ayo
What's this called? 이것은 이름이 뭐에요? - Igeos-eun ileum-i mwo-eyo?
What's this called? 이것은 무엇입니까? - Igeos-eun mueos-ibnikka?
It's a table 테이블입니다 - Teibeul-ibnida
A table. Do you understand? 테이블, 알겠어요? - Teibeul, algess-eoyo?
I don't understand 이해가 안 돼 - Ihaega an dwae
Can you repeat please? 한 번 더 말해줄래? - Han beon deo malhaejullae?
Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? 좀 더 천천히 말해 줄래? - Jom deo cheoncheonhi malhae jullae?
Could you write it down, please? 그것 좀 써줘 - Geugeos jom sseojwo
I get it 이해했어 - Ihaehaess-eo

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