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Translation / Family

Learn korean - Family
Learn korean - Family

English Korean
Do you have family here? 너희 식구들이 여기에 있니? - Neohui siggudeul-i yeogie issni?
My father 아빠 - Appa
My mother 엄마 - Eomma
My son 아들 - Adeul
My daughter 딸 - Ttal
A brother 형- 오빠 - Hyeong – Oppa
a sister 누나 – 언니 - Nuna – Eonni
a friend 친구 - Chingu
My boyfriend 애인 - Aein
My girlfriend 애인 - Aein
My husband 남편 - Nampyeon
My wife 아내 - Anae

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