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Translation / Hotel

Learn korean - Hotel
Learn korean - Hotel

English Korean
The hotel 호텔 - Hotel
Apartment 아파트 - Apateu
Welcome! 환영합니다 - Hwan-yeonghabnida
Do you have a room available? 빈 방 있나요? - Bin bang issnayo?
Is there a bathroom in the room? 방안에 욕실이 딸려 있나요? - Bang-an-e yogsil-i ttallyeo issnayo?
Would you prefer two single beds? 일인용 침대 두 개를 원하시나요? - Il-in-yong chimdae du gaeleul wonhasinayo?
Do you wish to have a twin room? 이인용 침대 하나를 원하시나요? - Iin-yong chimdae hanaleul wonhasinayo?
A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower 욕실 딸린 방-발코니 딸린- 샤워실이 딸린 - Yogsil ttallin bang - balkoni ttallin - syawosil-i ttallin
Bed and breakfast 숙박과 아침식사 포함 - Sugbaggwa achimsigsa poham
How much is it for a night? 하루 밤에 얼마입니까? - Halu bam-e eolmaibnikka?
I would like to see the room first 방을 좀 먼저 볼 수 있을까요? - Bang-eul jom meonjeo bol su iss-eulkkayo?
Yes, of course 네. 그럼요 - Ne. Geuleom-yo
Thank you, the room is very nice 고맙습니다. 방이 아주 좋네요 - Gomabseubnida. Bang-i aju johneyo
OK, can I reserve for tonight? 그럼, 오늘 밤 여기서 묵을 수 있나요? - Geuleom, oneul bam yeogiseo mug-eul su issnayo?
It's a bit too much for me, thank you 저한텐 조금 비싸네요. - Jeohanten jogeum bissaneyo.
Could you take care of my luggage, please? 제 짐 좀 맡아주시겠습니까? - Je jim jom mat-ajusigessseubnikka?
Where is my room, please? 제 방은 어디 인가요? - Je bang-eun eodi ingayo?
It is on the first floor 이층에 있습니다. - Icheung-e issseubnida.
Is there a lift? 엘리베이터가 있나요? - Ellibeiteoga issnayo?
The elevator is on your left 엘리베이터는 왼쪽에 있습니다 - Ellibeiteoneun oenjjog-e issseubnida
The elevator is on your right 엘리베이터는 오른쪽에 있습니다 - Ellibeiteoneun oleunjjog-e issseubnida
Where is the laundry room, please? 세탁실이 어디 있나요 - Setagsil-i eodi issnayo
It is on the ground floor 세탁실은 일층에 있습니다 - Setagsil-eun ilcheung-e issseubnida
Ground floor 일층 - Ilcheung
Bedroom 방 - Bang
Dry cleaner's 세탁소 - Setagso
Hair salon 미용실 - Miyongsil
Car parking space 주차장 - Juchajang
Let's meet in the meeting room? 회의실에서 만날까요? - Hoeuisil-eseo mannalkkayo?
Meeting room 회의실 - Hoeuisil
The swimming pool is heated 온수물 수영장 - Onsumul suyeongjang
Swimming pool 수영장 - Suyeongjang
Please, wake me up at seven a.m. 저 좀 아침 일곱 시에 깨워주세요 - Jeo jom achim ilgob sie kkaewojuseyo
The key, please 열쇠 좀 주세요 - Yeolsoe jom juseyo
The pass, please 비밀번호 좀 알려 주세요 - Bimilbeonho jom allyeo juseyo
Are there any messages for me? 저에게 연락 온 거 있나요? - Jeoege yeonlag on geo issnayo?
Yes, here you are 네. 여기있어요 - Ne. Yeogiiss-eoyo
No, we didn't receive anything for you 아니요. 아무 연락도 안 왔는데요 - Aniyo. Amu yeonlagdo an wassneundeyo
Where can I get some change? 어디서 잔돈으로 바꿀 수 있을까요? - Eodiseo jandon-eulo bakkul su iss-eulkkayo?
Please can you give me some change? 잔돈으로 좀 바꿔 주시겠어요? - Jandon-eulo jom bakkwo jusigess-eoyo?
We can make some for you, how much would you like? 네. 얼마 바꾸실 건데요? - Ne. Eolma bakkusil geondeyo?

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