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Translation / Beach

Learn korean - Beach
Learn korean - Beach

English Korean
The beach 해변 - Haebyeon
Do you know where I can buy a ball? 물놀이 공을 어디서 파는지 아세요? - Mulnol-i gong-eul eodiseo paneunji aseyo?
There is a store in this direction 이리로 가시면 가게가 있습니다 - Ililo gasimyeon gagega issseubnida
a ball 물놀이 공 - Mulnol-i gong
Binoculars 쌍안경 - Ssang-angyeong
a cap 챙 달린 모자 - Chaeng dallin moja
a towel 수건 - Sugeon
Sandals 샌달 - Saendal
a bucket 물통 - Multong
Suntan lotion 썬크림 - Sseonkeulim
Swimming trunks 수영 팬티 - Suyeong paenti
Sunglasses 썬그라스 - Sseongeulaseu
Shellfish 새우, 조개류 - Saeu, jogaelyu
Sunbathing 햇빛을 쬐다 - Haesbich-eul jjoeda
Sunny 양지바른 - Yangjibaleun
Sunset 일몰 - Ilmol
Parasol 파라솔 - Palasol
Sun 태양 - Taeyang
Sunstroke 일광욕 - Ilgwang-yog
Is it dangerous to swim here? 여기서 수영하면 위험한가요? - Yeogiseo suyeonghamyeon wiheomhangayo?
No, it is not dangerous 아니요. 위험하지 않아요 - Aniyo. Wiheomhaji anh-ayo
Yes, it is forbidden to swim here 네. 여기서는 수영하는 게 금지돼있어요 - Ne. Yeogiseoneun suyeonghaneun ge geumjidwaeiss-eoyo
Swim 수영하다 - Suyeonghada
Swimming 수영 - Suyeong
Wave 파도 - Pado
Sea 바다 - Bada
Dune 모래 언덕 - Molae eondeog
Sand 모래 - Molae
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? 내일 일기예보는 어떤가요? - Naeil ilgiyeboneun eotteongayo?
The weather is going to change 날씨가 바뀔 거예요 - Nalssiga bakkwil geoyeyo
It is going to rain 비가 올 거예요 - Biga ol geoyeyo
It will be sunny 해가 뜰거예요 - Haega tteulgeoyeyo
It will be very windy 바람이 많이 불 거예요 - Balam-i manh-i bul geoyeyo
Swimming suit 수영복 - Suyeongbog
Sunshade 그늘 - Geuneul

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