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Translation / Parting

Learn korean - Parting
Learn korean - Parting

English Korean
It's late, I have to go! 시간이 늦어서 가야해요 - Sigan-i neuj-eoseo gayahaeyo
Shall we meet again? 다시 만날 수 있을까요? - Dasi mannal su iss-eulkkayo?
Yes with pleasure 네, 그럼요 - Ne, geuleom-yo
This is my address 우리 집 주소예요 - Uli jib jusoyeyo
Do you have a phone number? 전화번호 있어요? - Jeonhwabeonho iss-eoyo?
Yes here you go 네, 여기있어요 - Ne, yeogiiss-eoyo
I had a lovely time 즐거운 시간을 보냈어요 - Jeulgeoun sigan-eul bonaess-eoyo
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you 저도 만나서 반가웠어요 - Jeodo mannaseo bangawoss-eoyo
We will see each other soon 조만간에 다시 만나요 - Jomangan-e dasi mannayo
I hope so too 저도 그랬음 좋겠네요 - Jeodo geulaess-eum johgessneyo
Goodbye 잘 가 - Jal ga
See you tomorrow 내일 봐 - Naeil bwa
Bye! 잘 가 - Jal ga

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