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Translation / Taxi

Learn korean - Taxi
Learn korean - Taxi

English Korean
Taxi!  택시! - Taegsi!
Where would you like to go? 어디 가십니까? - Eodi gasibnikka?
I'm going to the train station 역으로 가 주세요 - Yeog-eulo ga juseyo
I'm going to the day&night Hotel 낮과 밤 호텔로 가 주세요 - Najgwa bam hotello ga juseyo
Can you take me to the airport, please? 공항으로 가 주세요 - Gonghang-eulo ga juseyo
Can you take my luggage? 제 짐 좀 넣어 주시겠어요? - Je jim jom neoh-eo jusigess-eoyo?
Is it far from here? 여기서 먼가요? - Yeogiseo meongayo?
No it's close 아니요, 이 근처예요 - Aniyo, i geuncheoyeyo
Yes it's a little bit further away 네, 조금 멀어요 - Ne, jogeum meol-eoyo
How much will it be? 요금이 얼마나 나오나요? - Yogeum-i eolmana naonayo?
Take me there, please 여기로 데려다 주세요 - Yeogilo delyeoda juseyo
You go right 오른쪽 입니다 - Oleunjjog ibnida
You go left 왼쪽입니다 - Oenjjog-ibnida
It's straight on 곧장 가세요 - Godjang gaseyo
It's right here 여기입니다 - Yeogiibnida
It's that way 저쪽입니다 - Jeojjog-ibnida
Stop! 여기서 세워 주세요 - Yeogiseo sewo juseyo
Take your time 천천히 하세요 - Cheoncheonhi haseyo
Can I have a receipt, please? 영수증 하나 만들어 주세요 - Yeongsujeung hana mandeul-eo juseyo

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