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Translation / Numbers

Learn latvian - Numbers
Learn latvian - Numbers

English Latvian
Zero Nulle
One Viens
Two Divi
Three Trīs
Four Četri
Five Pieci
Six Seši
Seven Septiņi
Eight Astoņi
Nine Deviņi
Ten Desmit
Eleven Vienpadsmit
Twelve Divpadsmit
Thirteen Trīspadsmit
Fourteen Četrpadsmit
Fifteen Piecpadsmit
Sixteen Sešpadsmit
Seventeen Septiņpadsmit
Eighteen Astoņpadsmit
Nineteen Deviņpadsmit
Twenty Divdesmit
Twenty-one Divdesmit viens
Twenty-two Divdesmit divi
Twenty-three Divdesmit trīs
Twenty-four Divdesmit četri
Twenty-five Divdesmit pieci
Twenty-six Divdesmit seši
Twenty-seven Divdesmit septiņi
Twenty-eight Divdesmit astoņi
Twenty-nine Divdesmit deviņi
Thirty Trīsdesmit
Thirty-one Trīsdesmit viens
Thirty-two Trīsdesmit divi
Thirty-three Trīsdesmit trīs
Thirty-four Trīsdesmit četri
Thirty-five Trīsdesmit pieci
Thirty-six Trīsdesmit seši
Forty Četrdesmit
Fifty Piecdesmit
Sixty Sešdesmit
Seventy Septiņdesmit
Eighty Astoņdesmit
Ninety Deviņdesmit
One hundred Simts
A hundred and five Simts pieci
Two hundred Divi simti
Three hundred Trīs simti
Four hundred Četri simti
A thousand Tūkstotis
A thousand five hundred Tūkstotis pieci simti
Two thousand Divi tūkstoši
Ten thousand Desmit tūkstoši

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