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Translation / Numbers

Learn norwegian - Numbers
Learn norwegian - Numbers

English Norwegian
Zero Null
One En
Two To
Three Tre
Four Fire
Five Fem
Six Seks
Seven Sju
Eight Ǻtte
Nine Ni
Ten Ti
Eleven Elleve
Twelve Tolv
Thirteen Tretten
Fourteen Fjorten
Fifteen Femten
Sixteen Seksten
Seventeen Sytten
Eighteen Atten
Nineteen Nitten
Twenty Tjue
Twenty-one Tjueen
Twenty-two Tjueto
Twenty-three Tjuetre
Twenty-four Tjuefire
Twenty-five Tjuefem
Twenty-six Tjueseks
Twenty-seven Tjuesju
Twenty-eight Tjueåtte
Twenty-nine Tjueni
Thirty Tretti
Thirty-one Trettien
Thirty-two Trettito
Thirty-three Trettitre
Thirty-four Trettifire
Thirty-five Trettifem
Thirty-six Trettiseks
Forty Førti
Fifty Femti
Sixty Seksti
Seventy Sytti
Eighty Ǻtti
Ninety Nitti
One hundred Hundre
A hundred and five Hundreogfem
Two hundred To hundre
Three hundred Tre hundre
Four hundred Firehundre
A thousand Tusen
A thousand five hundred Ett tusen fem hundre
Two thousand To tusen
Ten thousand Ti tusen

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