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Translation / Numbers

Learn portuguese - Numbers
Learn portuguese - Numbers

English Portuguese
Zero Zero
One Um
Two Dois
Three Três
Four Quatro
Five Cinco
Six Seis
Seven Sete
Eight Oito
Nine Nove
Ten Dez
Eleven Onze
Twelve Doze
Thirteen Treze
Fourteen Catorze
Fifteen Quinze
Sixteen Dezasseis
Seventeen Dezassete
Eighteen Dezoito
Nineteen Dezanove
Twenty Vinte
Twenty-one Vinte e um
Twenty-two Vinte e dois
Twenty-three Vinte e três
Twenty-four Vinte e quatro
Twenty-five Vinte e cinco
Twenty-six Vinte e seis
Twenty-seven Vinte e sete
Twenty-eight Vinte e oito
Twenty-nine Vinte e nove
Thirty Trinta
Thirty-one Trinta e um
Thirty-two Trinta e dois
Thirty-three Trinta e três
Thirty-four Trinta e quatro
Thirty-five Trinta e cinco
Thirty-six Trinta e seis
Forty Quarenta
Fifty Cinquenta
Sixty Sessenta
Seventy Setenta
Eighty Oitenta
Ninety Noventa
One hundred Cem
A hundred and five Cento e cinco
Two hundred Duzentos
Three hundred Trezentos
Four hundred Quatrocentos
A thousand Mil
A thousand five hundred Mil e quinhentos
Two thousand Dois mil
Ten thousand Dez mil

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