Catalan Vocabulary

Why and how to learn Catalan vocabulary with audio?

Catalonia will fill you with all kinds of treasures during your tourist and cultural trips. Feel free to ask to visit new places (M'agradaria go out aquest vespre : "I would like to go out tonight"). The local gastronomy, very gourmet, is also very famous so discover new dishes for all the occasions that will arise (La carta, si us plau! : "the menu please"). Get ready to explore the land of the famous three wise men and celebrate (fests)in their honour with the people !

You should also know that nothing will please a true Catalan, defending his culture with passion, more than to hear you say a few words in his language. And if you already have a little knowledge of French, it will be even easier for you, because these two languages are very close.

Thanks to our sheets, explore all the richness of the region without any problem, in any place and in any situation! To complete them, we provide you with some examples of books, films, series and songs to deepen your work.

Selection of content to immerse yourself in the culture of Catalonia





Here is a selection of 400 useful words and expressions to get you started

These words and expressions are classified by theme. By clicking on the buttons Quiz or Courses, you will have free access to the full course in Catalan. By clicking on the button printer, you can print all the expressions of the theme. This content is free of charge.

1 - Essentials

1 Hello Bon dia
2 A more familiar expression Hola
3 Good evening Bona nit
4 Goodbye Adéu
5 A more formal expression Adéu siau
6 See you later Fins més tard
7 Yes
8 No No
9 Please! Si us plau!
10 Thanks Gràcies
11 Thanks a lot Moltes gràcies
12 Thank you for your help Gràcies per la seva ajuda
13 Don't mention it De res
14 Ok D'acord
15 How much is it? Quin preu té, si us plau?
16 Another way to say Què val si us plau ? / Quan costa si us plau?
17 Sorry! Disculpi
18 I don't understand No ho entenc
19 I get it Entesos
20 I don't know No ho sé
21 Forbidden Prohibit
22 Excuse me, where are the toilets? On són els lavabos, si us plau?
23 Happy New Year! Bon any!
24 Happy birthday! Per molts anys!
25 Happy holiday! Bones festes!
26 Congratulations! Felicitats!

2 - Conversation

1 Hello. How are you? Hola. Com estàs?
2 Hello. I'm fine, thank you Hola. Be gràcies
3 Only a little bit Només una mica
4 Where do you come from? De quin país vens?
5 What is your nationality? Quina nacionalitat tens?
6 I am English Sóc anglès
7 And you, do you live here? I tu, vius aquí?
8 Yes, I live here Sí, visc aquí
9 My name is Sarah, what's your name? Em dic Sarah, i tu?
10 Julian Julià
11 What are you doing here? Què hi fas aquí?
12 I am on holiday Estic de vacances
13 We are on holiday Estem de vacances
14 I am on a business trip Estic de viatge per feina
15 I work here Treballo aquí
16 We work here Treballem aquí
17 Where are the good places to go out and eat? Quins són els millors llocs per menjar?
18 Is there a museum in the neighbourhood? Hi ha un museu aprop d'aquí?
19 Where could I get an internet connection? A on podria conectar-me a internet?

3 - Learning

1 Do you want to learn a few words? Vols aprendre una mica de vocabulari?
2 Yes, sure! D'acord!
3 What's this called? Com es diu?
4 It's a table Es una taula
5 A table. Do you understand? Una taula, ho entens?
6 I don't understand No ho entenc
7 Can you repeat please? Pots repetir si us plau?
8 Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? Pots parlar més a poc a poc?
9 Could you write it down, please? Podries escriure-ho, si us plau?
10 I get it Entesos

4 - Colours

1 I like the colour of this table M'agrada el color d'aquesta taula
2 It's red És vermell
3 Blue Blau
4 Yellow Groc
5 White Blanc
6 Black Negre
7 Green Verd
8 Orange Taronja
9 Purple Lila
10 Grey Gris

5 - Numbers

1 Zero Zero
2 One U
3 To specify the gender Un / Una
4 Two Dos
5 Three Tres
6 Four Quatre
7 Five Cinc
8 Six Sis
9 Seven Set
10 Eight Vuit
11 Nine Nou
12 Ten Deu
13 Eleven Onze
14 Twelve Dotze
15 Thirteen Tretze
16 Fourteen Catorze
17 Fifteen Quinze
18 Sixteen Setze
19 Seventeen Disset
20 Eighteen Divuit
21 Nineteen Dinou
22 Twenty Vint
23 Twenty-one Vint-i-u / Vint-i-un
24 Twenty-two Vint-i-dos
25 Twenty-three Vint-i-tres
26 Twenty-four Vint-i-quatre
27 Twenty-five Vint-i-cinc
28 Twenty-six Vint-i-sis
29 Twenty-seven Vint-i-set
30 Twenty-eight Vint-i-vuit
31 Twenty-nine Vint-i-nou
32 Thirty Trenta
33 Thirty-one Trenta-ú
34 Thirty-two Trenta-dos
35 Thirty-three Trenta-tres
36 Thirty-four Trenta-quatre
37 Thirty-five Trenta-cinc
38 Thirty-six Trenta-sis
39 Forty Quaranta
40 Fifty Cinquanta
41 Sixty Seixanta
42 Seventy Setanta
43 Eighty Vuitanta
44 Ninety Noranta
45 One hundred Cent
46 A hundred and five Cent cinc
47 Two hundred Dos-cents
48 Three hundred Tres-cents
49 Four hundred Quatre-cents
50 A thousand Mil
51 A thousand five hundred Mil cinc-cents
52 Two thousand Dos mil
53 Ten thousand Deu mil

6 - Time tracking

Time tracking
1 When did you get here? Quan has arribat aqui?
2 Today Avui
3 Yesterday Ahir
4 Two days ago Fa dos dies
5 How long are you staying for? Quan de temps et quedes?
6 I'm leaving tomorrow M'en vaig demà
7 I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow M'en vaig demà-passat
8 I'll be leaving in three days M'en vaig d'aqui tres dies
9 Monday Dilluns
10 Tuesday Dimarts
11 Wednesday Dimecres
12 Thursday Dijous
13 Friday Divendres
14 Saturday Dissabte
15 Sunday Diumenge
16 January Gener
17 February Febrer
18 March Març
19 April Abril
20 May Maig
21 June Juny
22 July Juliol
23 August Agost
24 September Setembre
25 October Octubre
26 November Novembre
27 December Desembre
28 What time are you leaving at? A quina hora marxes?
29 Morning, at eight o'clock Al mati, a les vuit
30 Morning, at a quarter past 8 Al mati, a un quart de nou
31 Morning, at half past 8 Al mati, a dos quarts de nou
32 Morning, at a quarter to nine Al mati, a tres quarts de nou
33 Evening, at 6pm A la tarda, a les sis
34 I am late Vaig tard

7 - Taxi

1 Taxi! Taxi!
2 Where would you like to go? On vol anar?
3 I'm going to the train station Vaig a l'estació
4 I'm going to the Day and Night Hotel Vaig a l'hotel Dia i Nit
5 Can you take me to the airport, please? Podria portar-me a l'aeroport?
6 Can you take my luggage? Pot agafar les meves maletes?
7 Is it far from here? Està molt lluny d'aquí?
8 No it's close No, està al costat
9 Yes it's a little bit further away Sí, és una mica més lluny
10 How much will it be? Quant costarà?
11 Take me there, please Porti'm aquí, si us plau
12 You go right És a la dreta
13 You go left És a l'esquerra
14 It's straight on És tot recte
15 It's right here És aquí
16 It's that way És per allà
17 Stop! Para!
18 A more formal expression Pari!
19 Take your time Prengui el temps que necessiti
20 Can I have a receipt, please? Em pot fer un rebut, si us plau?

8 - Feelings

1 I really like your country M'agrada molt el teu país
2 I love you T'estimo
3 I am happy Sóc feliç
4 I am sad Estic trist
5 When it is a woman who speaks Estic trista
6 I feel great here Em sento molt bé aquí
7 I am cold Tinc fred
8 I am hot Tinc calor
9 It's too big És massa gran
10 It's too small És massa petit
11 It's perfect És perfecte
12 Do you want to go out tonight? Vols sortir aquest vespre?
13 I would like to go out tonight M'agradaria sortir aquest vespre
14 It is a good idea És una bona idea
15 I want to have fun Tinc ganes de passar-m'ho bé
16 It is not a good idea No és una bona idea
17 I don't want to go out tonight No tinc ganes de sortir aquest vespre
18 I want to rest Tinc ganes de descansar
19 Would you like to do some sport? Vols fer esport?
20 Yes, I need to relax Sí, necessito gastar energies!
21 I play tennis Jugo a tenis
22 No thanks. I am tired already No gràcies, estic bastant cansat

9 - Family

1 Do you have family here? Tens familía aquí?
2 My father El meu pare
3 Another way to say Mon pare
4 My mother La meva mare
5 Another way to say Ma mare
6 My son El meu fill
7 My daughter La meva filla
8 A brother Un germà
9 a sister Una germana
10 a friend Un amic
11 a friend Una amiga
12 My boyfriend El meu novio
13 My girlfriend La meva novia
14 My husband El meu home
15 My wife La meva dona

10 - Bar

1 The bar El bar
2 Would you like to have a drink? Vols beure alguna cosa
3 To drink Beure
4 Glass Got
5 Another way to say Copa
6 With pleasure Amb molt de gust
7 What would you like? Què vols beure?
8 What's on offer? Què hi ha per beure?
9 There is water or fruit juices Hi ha aigua o sucs de fruita
10 Water Aigua
11 Can you add some ice cubes, please? Pot afegir-hi glaçons, si us plau?
12 Ice cubes Glaçons
13 Chocolate Xocolata
14 Milk Llet
15 Tea
16 Coffee Cafè
17 With sugar Amb sucre
18 With cream Amb crema
19 Wine Vi
20 Beer Cervesa
21 A tea please Un tè, si us plau
22 A beer please Una cervesa, si us plau
23 What would you like to drink? Què vol beure?
24 Many people are listening Què volen beure?
25 Two teas please! Dos tès, si us plau!
26 Two beers please! Dues cerveses si us plau
27 Nothing, thanks Res, gràcies
28 Cheers! A la teva salut
29 Cheers! Salut!
30 Can we have the bill please? El compte, si us plau
31 Excuse me, how much do I owe? Què li dec, si us plau?
32 Another way to say Quant és, si us plau?
33 Twenty euros Vint euros
34 It's on me Et convido

11 - Restaurant

1 The restaurant El restaurant
2 Would you like to eat? Vols menjar alguna cosa?
3 Yes, with pleasure Sí, vull menjar alguna cosa
4 To eat Menjar
5 Where can we eat? A on podem menjar?
6 Where can we have lunch? A on podem dinar?
7 Dinner El sopar
8 Breakfast L'esmorzar
9 Excuse me! Si us plau!
10 The menu, please La carta, si us plau!
11 Here is the menu Aquí té la carta!
12 What do you prefer to eat? Meat or fish? Què prefereixes menjar? Carn o peix?
13 With rice Amb arròs
14 With pasta Amb pasta
15 Potatoes Patates
16 Vegetables Verdures
17 Scrambled eggs - fried eggs - or a boiled egg Ous remenats - ous ferrats - ous passats per aigua
18 Bread
19 Butter Mantega
20 Salad Una amanida
21 Dessert Les postres
22 Fruit Fruita
23 Can I have a knife, please? Té un ganivet si us plau?
24 Yes, I'll bring it to you right away Si, ara li porto
25 a knife Un ganivet
26 a fork Una forquilla
27 a spoon Una cullera
28 Is it a warm dish? Es un plat calent?
29 Yes, very hot also! Si, i també molt picant!
30 Warm Calent
31 Cold Fred
32 Hot Picant
33 I'll have fish Agafaré peix
34 Me too Jo també

12 - Parting

1 It's late, I have to go! És tard! He de marxar!
2 Shall we meet again? Ens podrem tornar a veure?
3 Yes with pleasure Sí, amb molt de gust
4 This is my address Aquesta és la meva adreça
5 Do you have a phone number? Tens un número de telèfon?
6 A more familiar expression Tens un telèfon?
7 Yes here you go Sí, aquí el tens
8 I had a lovely time He passat una bona estona amb tu
9 Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Jo també. M'ha agradat conèixer-te
10 We will see each other soon Ens tornarem a veure aviat
11 I hope so too Ho espero també
12 Goodbye Fins aviat!
13 See you tomorrow Fins demà
14 Bye! Adéu!

13 - Transportation

1 Excuse me! I'm looking for the bus stop Si us plau, busco la parada de l'autobús
2 How much is a ticket to Sun City?  Quant costa el bitllet per anar a la ciutat del Sol, si us plau?
3 Where does this train go, please?  On va aquest tren si us plau?
4 Does this train stop at Sun City?  Aquest tren té parada a la ciutat del Sol?
5 When does the train for Sun City leave?  Quan surt el tren a la ciutat del Sol?
6 When will this train arrive in Sun City?  Quan arriba el tren a la ciutat del Sol?
7 A ticket for Sun City, please Un bitllet a la ciutat del Sol, si us plau
8 Do you have the train's time table? Té els horaris de tren?
9 Bus schedule L'horari dels autobusos
10 Excuse me, which train goes to Sun City? Quin és el tren que va a la ciutat del Sol, si us plau?
11 This one És aquest
12 Thanks Gràcies
13 Don't mention it, have a good trip! De res. Bon viatge!
14 The garage El taller del mecànic
15 The petrol station La benzinera
16 A full tank, please Omplim el dipòsit, si us plau.
17 Bike Bicicleta
18 Town centre El centre de la ciutat
19 Suburb Les rodalies
20 It is a city És una ciutat gran
21 It is a village És un poble
22 A mountain Una muntanya
23 a lake Un llac
24 The countryside El camp

14 - Looking for someone

Looking for someone
1 Excuse me, is Sarah here? Hi ha la Sarah,si us plau?
2 Yes, she's here Sí, és aquí
3 She's out Ha sortit
4 You can call her on her mobile phone Pot trucar-la al mòbil
5 Do you know where I could find her? Sap on podria trobar-la?
6 She is at work És a la feina
7 She is at home És a casa seva
8 Excuse me, is Julien here? Hi ha en Julià, si us plau?
9 Yes, he's here Sí, és aquí
10 He's out Ha sortit
11 Do you know where I could find him? Sap on podria trobar-lo?
12 You can call him on his mobile phone Pot trucar-lo al mòbil
13 He is at work És a la feina
14 He is at home És a casa seva

15 - Hotel

1 The hotel L'hotel
2 Apartment L'apartament
3 Welcome! Benvingut – Benvinguts
4 When the interlocutor is a woman Benvinguda – Benvingudes
5 Do you have a room available? Té una habitació disponible?
6 Is there a bathroom in the room? Hi ha un bany a l'habitació?
7 Would you prefer two single beds? Prefereixen dos llits individuals?
8 Do you wish to have a twin room? Volen una habitació doble?
9 A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower Habitació amb bany - amb balcó - amb dutxa
10 Bed and breakfast Habitació amb esmorzar inclòs
11 How much is it for a night? Quin és el preu per a una nit?
12 I would like to see the room first Primer voldria veure l'habitació, si us plau!
13 Yes, of course Sí, es clar!
14 Thank you, the room is very nice Gràcies. L'habitació està molt bé.
15 OK, can I reserve for tonight? Està bé, puc reservar per aquesta nit?
16 It's a bit too much for me, thank you És una mica car per mi, gràcies.
17 Could you take care of my luggage, please? Pot ocupar-se de les meves maletes, si us plau?
18 Where is my room, please? On està la meva habitació, si us plau?
19 It is on the first floor És al primer pis
20 Is there a lift? Hi ha un ascensor?
21 The elevator is on your left L'ascensor és a l'esquerra
22 The elevator is on your right L'ascensor és a la dreta
23 Where is the laundry room, please? On és la bugaderia?
24 It is on the ground floor És a la planta baixa
25 Ground floor Planta baixa
26 Bedroom Habitació
27 Dry cleaner's Tintoreria
28 Hair salon Perruqueria
29 Car parking space Parking
30 Let's meet in the meeting room? Ens trobem a la sala de reunions?
31 Meeting room La sala de reunions
32 The swimming pool is heated La piscina és calenta
33 Swimming pool La piscina
34 Please, wake me up at seven a.m. Desperti'm a les set, si us plau
35 The key, please La clau, si us plau
36 The pass, please El passe, si us plau
37 Are there any messages for me? Hi ha algun missatge per a mi?
38 Yes, here you are Sí, aquí els té
39 No, we didn't receive anything for you No, no ha rebut res
40 Where can I get some change? On puc aconseguir canvi de moneda?
41 Please can you give me some change? Pot donar-me canvi si us plau?
42 We can make some for you, how much would you like? Sí, podem donar-li canvi. Quant vol canviar?

16 - Beach

1 The beach La platja
2 Do you know where I can buy a ball? Sap on puc comprar una pilota?
3 There is a store in this direction Hi ha una botiga en aquesta direcció
4 a ball Una pilota
5 Binoculars Binocles / Prismàtics
6 a cap Una gorra
7 a towel Tovallola
8 Sandals Sandàlies
9 a bucket Cubell
10 Suntan lotion Crema solar
11 Swimming trunks Banyador
12 Sunglasses Ulleres de sol
13 Shellfish Marisc
14 Sunbathing Prendre el sol
15 Sunny Assolellat
16 Sunset Posta de sol
17 Parasol Para-sol
18 Sun Sol
19 Sunstroke Insolació
20 Is it dangerous to swim here? És perillós banyar-se aquí?
21 No, it is not dangerous No, no és perillós
22 Yes, it is forbidden to swim here Sí, està prohibit banyar-se aquí
23 Swim Nedar
24 Swimming Natació
25 Wave Ona
26 Another way to say Onada
27 Sea Mar
28 Dune Duna
29 Sand Sorra
30 What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Quin temps farà demà?
31 The weather is going to change El temps canviarà
32 It is going to rain Plourà
33 It will be sunny Farà sol
34 It will be very windy Hi haurà molt de vent
35 Swimming suit Banyador
36 Sunshade Ombra

17 - In case of trouble

In case of trouble
1 Can you help me, please? Pot ajudar-me, si us plau?
2 I'm lost M'he perdut
3 What would you like? Què desitja?
4 A more familiar expression Què vol?
5 What happened? Què ha passat?
6 Where could I find an interpreter? A on puc trobar un intèrpret?
7 Where is the nearest chemist's shop? On es la farmàcia més propera?
8 Can you call a doctor, please Pot trucar un metge, si us plau?
9 Which kind of treatment are you undergoing at the moment? Es pren alguna medicació en aquests moments?
10 a hospital Un hospital
11 a chemist's Una farmàcia
12 a doctor Un metge
13 If the designated person is female or object is feminine Una metgessa
14 Medical department Servei mèdic
15 I lost my papers He perdut la documentació
16 My papers have been stolen M'han robat la documentació
17 Lost-property office Oficina d'objectes perduts
18 First-aid station Lloc de socors
19 Emergency exit Sortida d'emergència
20 The police La Policía
21 Papers Documentació
22 Money Diners
23 Passport Passaport
24 Luggage Maletes
25 I'm ok, thanks Ja esta bé, gràcies
26 Leave me alone! Deixi'm en pau!
27 Go away! Marxi!

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