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Why and how to learn Danish vocabulary with audio?

Hans Christian Andersen's tales have rocked all of us as children. So we all have a mind full of magical places, directly inspired by the landscapes of this country. Beyond these magical aspects, Denmark is one of the most important pillars of the world of sustainable development: it is a model to follow.

With our vocabulary sheets, we suggest you to go further in your curiosity for this region. Essential expressions will be easy to learn (Godmorgen for "Hello" for example), and you will arrive early at the stage of learning more practical vocabulary (Er der nogle gode steder at spise ? for "Where are the good places to eat?" for example). You can visit many cities with varied landscapes if you have the time, so don't hesitate to ask about hotels (Hotellet) as soon as you arrive !

These are some media suggestions to help you familiarize yourself with vocabulary, accent and speaking speed, so that you can have the best possible experience during your first stay, in addition to our sheets!

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Chansons :

Here is a selection of 400 useful words and expressions to get you started

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1 - Essentials

1 Hello Godmorgen
2 Only in the morning / A more familiar expression Goddag / Hej
3 Good evening Godaften
4 Goodbye Farvel
5 A more familiar expression Hej hej
6 See you later Vi ses senere
7 Yes Ja
8 In the case of the interro-negative form Jo
9 No Nej
10 Please! Undskyld  ?
11 Thanks Tak
12 Thanks a lot Mange tak
13 Thank you for your help Tak skal du have
14 Another way to say Tak for hjœlpen
15 Don't mention it Det var så lidt
16 Ok Okay, det er I orden
17 How much is it? Hvor meget koster det ?
18 Sorry! Undskyld
19 I don't understand Jeg forstår det ikke
20 I get it Jeg har forstået
21 I don't know Det ved jeg ikke
22 Forbidden Forbudt
23 Excuse me, where are the toilets? Undskyld, hvor finder jeg toiletterne  ?
24 Happy New Year! Godt nytår!
25 Happy birthday! Tillykke med fødselsdagen !
26 Happy holiday! God højtid
27 Congratulations! Tillykke!

2 - Conversation

1 Hello. How are you? Hej, hvordan har du det ?
2 Hello. I'm fine, thank you Hej, jeg har det fint, tak
3 Do you speak Danish? Taler du dansk ?
4 No, I don't speak Danish Nej, jeg taler ikke dansk
5 Only a little bit En lille smule
6 Where do you come from? Hvor kommer du fra ?
7 Another way to say Hvor er du fra ?
8 What is your nationality? Hvad er din nationalitet ?
9 Another way to say Hvor kommer du fra ?
10 I am English Jeg er englænder
11 And you, do you live here? Og hvad med dig, bor du her ?
12 Another way to say Og hvad med dig, er du herfra ?
13 Yes, I live here Ja, jeg bor her
14 My name is Sarah, what's your name? Jeg hedder Sarah, hvad hedder du ?
15 Julian Jeg hedder Julien
16 What are you doing here? Hvad laver du her ?
17 I am on holiday Jeg er på ferie
18 We are on holiday Vi er på ferie
19 I am on a business trip Jeg er på forretningsrejse
20 I work here Jeg arbejder her
21 We work here Vi arbejder her
22 Where are the good places to go out and eat? Er der nogle gode steder at spise ?
23 Is there a museum in the neighbourhood? Er der et museum her i nærheden?
24 Where could I get an internet connection? Hvor jeg jeg gå på internettet ?

3 - Learning

1 Do you want to learn a few words? Skal jeg lære dig nogen nye ord?
2 Yes, sure! Ja, det må du gerne
3 What's this called? Hvad hedder det ?
4 It's a table Det er et bord
5 A table. Do you understand? Et bord, forstår du ?
6 I don't understand Jeg forstår det ikke
7 Can you repeat please? Vil du være sød at gentage ?
8 Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? Kan du snakke lidt langsommere
9 Could you write it down, please? kan du skrive det tak ?
10 I get it Jeg har forstået

4 - Colours

1 I like the colour of this table Jeg kan godt lide dette bords farve
2 It's red Den er rød
3 If the designated person or object is neutral Det er rødt
4 Blue Blå
5 If the designated person or object is neutral Blåt
6 Yellow Gul
7 If the designated person or object is neutral Gult
8 White Hvid
9 If the designated person or object is neutral Hvidt
10 Black Sort
11 Green Grøn
12 If the designated person or object is neutral Grønt
13 Orange Orange
14 Purple Lilla
15 Grey Grå
16 If the designated person or object is neutral Gråt

5 - Numbers

1 Zero Nul
2 One En
3 Two To
4 Three Tre
5 Four Fire
6 Five Fem
7 Six Seks
8 Seven Syv
9 Eight Otte
10 Nine Ni
11 Ten Ti
12 Eleven Elleve
13 Twelve Tolv
14 Thirteen Tretten
15 Fourteen Fjorten
16 Fifteen Femten
17 Sixteen Seksten
18 Seventeen Sytten
19 Eighteen Atten
20 Nineteen Nitten
21 Twenty Tyve
22 Twenty-one Enogtyve
23 Twenty-two Toogtyve
24 Twenty-three Treogtyve
25 Twenty-four Fireogtyve
26 Twenty-five Femogtyve
27 Twenty-six Seksogtyve
28 Twenty-seven Syvogtyve
29 Twenty-eight Otteogtyve
30 Twenty-nine Niogtyve
31 Thirty Tredive
32 Thirty-one Enogtredive
33 Thirty-two Toogtredive
34 Thirty-three Treogtredive
35 Thirty-four Fireogtredive
36 Thirty-five Femogtredive
37 Thirty-six Seksogtredive
38 Forty Fyrre
39 Fifty Halvtreds
40 Sixty Tres
41 Seventy Halvfjerds
42 Eighty Firs
43 Ninety Halvfems
44 One hundred Hundrede
45 A hundred and five Ethundredeogfem
46 Two hundred Tohundrede
47 Three hundred Trehundrede
48 Four hundred Firehundrede
49 A thousand Tusind
50 A thousand five hundred Ettusindfemhundrede
51 Two thousand Totusind
52 Ten thousand Titusind

6 - Time tracking

Time tracking
1 When did you get here? Hvornår kom du hertil ?
2 Today I dag
3 Yesterday I går
4 Two days ago For to dage siden
5 How long are you staying for? Hvor længe bliver du ?
6 I'm leaving tomorrow Jeg tager af sted i morgen
7 I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow Jeg tager af sted i overmorgen
8 I'll be leaving in three days Jeg tager afsted om tre dage
9 Monday Mandag
10 Tuesday Tirsdag
11 Wednesday Onsdag
12 Thursday Torsdag
13 Friday Fredag
14 Saturday Lørdag
15 Sunday Søndag
16 January Januar
17 February Februar
18 March Marts
19 April April
20 May Maj
21 June Juni
22 July Juli
23 August August
24 September September
25 October Oktober
26 November November
27 December December
28 What time are you leaving at? Hvad tid tager du afsted ?
29 Another way to say Hvad tid rejser du ?
30 Morning, at eight o'clock Klokken otte om morgenen
31 Morning, at a quarter past 8 Klokken kvart over otte om morgenen
32 Morning, at half past 8 Klokken halvni om morgenen
33 Morning, at a quarter to nine Klokken kvart i ni om morgenen
34 Evening, at 6pm Klokken seks om aftenen
35 I am late Jeg er forsinket

7 - Taxi

1 Taxi! Taxa !
2 Where would you like to go? Hvor skal du hen?
3 I'm going to the train station Til stationen, tak
4 I'm going to the Day and Night Hotel Hotel Dag og Nat, tak
5 Can you take me to the airport, please? Til lufthavnen, tak
6 Can you take my luggage? Kan du tage min bagage ?
7 Is it far from here? Er det langt herfra ?
8 No it's close Nej, det er lige I nærheden
9 Yes it's a little bit further away Ja, det er et stykke herfra
10 How much will it be? Hvor meget kommer det til at koste ?
11 Take me there, please Kør mig derhen, tak
12 You go right Det er til højre
13 You go left Det er til venstre
14 It's straight on Det er ligeud
15 It's right here Det er lige her
16 It's that way Det er den vej
17 Stop! Stop !
18 Take your time Giv dig bare god tid
19 Can I have a receipt, please? Må jeg bede om en kvittering / regning

8 - Feelings

1 I really like your country Jeg kan virkelig godt lide dit land
2 I love you Jeg elsker dig
3 I am happy Jeg er glad
4 I am sad Jeg er ked af det
5 I feel great here Jeg har det godt her
6 I am cold Jeg fryser
7 I am hot Jeg har det for varmt
8 It's too big Den er for stor
9 It's too small Den er for lille
10 It's perfect Det er perfekt
11 Do you want to go out tonight? Skal vi tage i byen i aften ?
12 I would like to go out tonight Jeg vil gerne i byen i aften
13 It is a good idea Det er en god idé
14 I want to have fun Jeg har lyst til at more mig
15 It is not a good idea Det er ikke en god idé
16 I don't want to go out tonight Jeg har ikke lyst til at tage i byen i aften
17 I want to rest Jeg har lyst til at slappe af
18 Would you like to do some sport? Vil du dyrke sport ?
19 Yes, I need to relax Ja, jeg har brug for at koble af
20 I play tennis Jeg spiller tennis
21 Another way to say Ja, jeg har brug for at få afløb
22 No thanks. I am tired already Nej tak jeg er ret træt

9 - Family

1 Do you have family here? Har du familie her ?
2 Another way to say Har du familie I nærheden ?
3 My father Min far
4 My mother Min mor
5 My son Min søn
6 My daughter Min datter
7 A brother En bror
8 a sister En søster
9 a friend En ven
10 a friend En veninde
11 My boyfriend Min kæreste
12 My girlfriend Min kæreste
13 My husband Min mand
14 My wife Min kone

10 - Bar

1 The bar Baren
2 Would you like to have a drink? Må jeg byde på et glas ?
3 To drink Drikke
4 Glass Glas
5 With pleasure Gerne, tak
6 What would you like? Hvad må jeg byde på ?
7 A more familiar expression Hvad kunne du tænke dig ?
8 What's on offer? Hvad er der at vælge imellem ?
9 There is water or fruit juices Der er vand eller frugtjuice
10 Water Vand
11 Can you add some ice cubes, please? Kan du komme isterninger i?
12 A more familiar expression Med isterninger, tak !
13 Ice cubes Isterninger
14 Chocolate Kakao
15 Milk Mælk
16 Tea Te
17 Coffee Kaffe
18 With sugar Med sukker
19 With cream Med fløde
20 Wine Vin
21 Beer Øl
22 A tea please En kop te, tak
23 A more formal expression Jeg vil gerne bede om en kop te, tak
24 A beer please En øl, tak
25 What would you like to drink? Hvad må jeg byde på ?
26 Two teas please! To kopper te, tak
27 Two beers please! To øl, tak
28 Nothing, thanks Ingenting, tak
29 Cheers! Skål
30 Cheers! Skål
31 Can we have the bill please? Må jeg bede om regningen, tak
32 Excuse me, how much do I owe? Hvor meget bliver det ?
33 Twenty euros Tyve euro
34 It's on me Jeg giver

11 - Restaurant

1 The restaurant Restauranten
2 Would you like to eat? Vil du have noget at spise ?
3 Expression used in common speech Er du sulten ?
4 Yes, with pleasure Ja tak det vil jeg gerne
5 To eat Spise
6 Where can we eat? Hvor kan vi spise ?
7 Where can we have lunch? Hvor kan vi spise frokost ?
8 Dinner Middagsmad
9 Breakfast Morgenmad
10 Excuse me! Værsågod
11 The menu, please Kan vi få et menukort?
12 A more formal expression Jeg vil gerne bede om menukortet, tak
13 Here is the menu Værsågod her er menukortet !
14 What do you prefer to eat? Meat or fish? Hvad fortrækker du at spise ? Fisk eller Kød ?
15 With rice Med ris til
16 With pasta Med pasta til
17 Potatoes Kartofler
18 Vegetables Grøntsager
19 Scrambled eggs - fried eggs - or a boiled egg Røræg - spejlæg - eller blødkogt æg
20 Bread Brød
21 Butter Smør
22 Salad En salat
23 Dessert En dessert
24 Fruit Frugt
25 Can I have a knife, please? Må jeg bede om en kniv, tak ?
26 Yes, I'll bring it to you right away Ja, jeg kommer straks med den
27 a knife En kniv
28 a fork En gaffel
29 a spoon En ske
30 Is it a warm dish? Er det en varm ret ?
31 Yes, very hot also! Ja og meget krydret
32 Another way to say Ja og meget stærk !
33 Warm Varm
34 Cold Kold
35 Hot Krydret
36 Another way to say Stærk
37 I'll have fish Jeg vil gerne bede om fisk, tak
38 Me too Det samme her

12 - Parting

1 It's late, I have to go! Klokken er mange! Jeg må løbe !
2 Shall we meet again? Skal vi ses igen ?
3 Yes with pleasure Ja, meget gerne
4 This is my address Min adresse er
5 Do you have a phone number? Kan jeg få dit telefonnummer ?
6 Yes here you go Ja, værsågod
7 I had a lovely time Det har været hyggeligt at møde dig
8 Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Ja, i lige måde
9 We will see each other soon Vi ses snart
10 I hope so too Det håber jeg også
11 Goodbye Farvel
12 See you tomorrow Vi ses i morgen
13 Bye! Hej hej

13 - Transportation

1 Excuse me! I'm looking for the bus stop Undskyld, hvor finder jeg busstoppestedet?
2 How much is a ticket to Sun City?  Hvad koster en billet til Solbyen?
3 Where does this train go, please?  Hvor kører toget hen?
4 Does this train stop at Sun City?  Stopper dette tog ved Solbyen ?
5 When does the train for Sun City leave?  Hvornår kører toget til Solbyen ?
6 When will this train arrive in Sun City?  Hvornår ankommer toget til Solbyen ?
7 A ticket for Sun City, please Må jeg bede om en billet til Solbyen?
8 Do you have the train's time table? Har du en køreplan?
9 Bus schedule Køreplan
10 Excuse me, which train goes to Sun City? Hvilket tog kører til Solbyen?
11 This one Det er det derovre
12 Thanks Tak
13 Don't mention it, have a good trip! Det var så lidt, God tur!
14 The garage Autoværkstedet
15 The petrol station Benzintanken
16 A full tank, please Kan jeg få tanken fyldt op, tak ?
17 Bike Cykel
18 Town centre Centrum
19 Suburb Forstad
20 It is a city Det er en stor by
21 It is a village Det er en landsby
22 A mountain Et bjerg
23 a lake En sø
24 The countryside Landet

14 - Looking for someone

Looking for someone
1 Excuse me, is Sarah here? Er Sarah her?
2 Yes, she's here Ja, hun er her
3 She's out Hun er taget i byen
4 You can call her on her mobile phone Du kan ringe på hendes mobiltelefon
5 Do you know where I could find her? Ved du hvor jeg kan finde hende ?
6 She is at work Hun er på sit arbejde
7 She is at home Hun er hjemme
8 Excuse me, is Julien here? Er Julien her ?
9 Yes, he's here Ja, han er her
10 He's out Han er taget i byen
11 Do you know where I could find him? Ved du hvor jeg kan finde ham ?
12 You can call him on his mobile phone Du kan ringe på hans mobil
13 He is at work Han er på sit arbejde
14 He is at home Han er hjemme

15 - Hotel

1 The hotel Hotellet
2 Apartment Lejligheden
3 Welcome! Velkommen !
4 Do you have a room available? Har I et ledigt værelse?
5 Is there a bathroom in the room? Er der bad og toilet på værelset ?
6 Would you prefer two single beds? Vil I have to enkeltsenge?
7 Do you wish to have a twin room? Vil I have et dobbeltværelse?
8 A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower Værelse med karbad - med balkon - med brusebad
9 Bed and breakfast Værelse med morgenmad
10 How much is it for a night? Hvad er prisen for en overnatning ?
11 I would like to see the room first Jeg vil gerne se værelset først, tak
12 Yes, of course Ja selvfølgelig !
13 Thank you, the room is very nice Tak, værelset er meget fint
14 OK, can I reserve for tonight? Kan jeg reservere til i aften ?
15 It's a bit too much for me, thank you Det er lidt for dyrt for mig
16 Could you take care of my luggage, please? Kan du tage dig af min bagage, tak ?
17 Where is my room, please? Hvor er mit værelse?
18 It is on the first floor Det er på første sal
19 Is there a lift? Er der en elevator?
20 The elevator is on your left Elevatoren er til venstre
21 The elevator is on your right Elevatoren er til højre
22 Where is the laundry room, please? Hvor er vaskeriet?
23 It is on the ground floor Det er i stuen
24 Ground floor I stuen
25 Bedroom Værelse
26 Dry cleaner's Renseri
27 Hair salon Frisørsalon
28 Car parking space Parkering
29 Let's meet in the meeting room? Mødes vi i mødelokalet?
30 Meeting room Møde-lokale
31 The swimming pool is heated Bassinet er opvarmet
32 Swimming pool Svømmehallen
33 Please, wake me up at seven a.m. Kan du vække mig klokken syv ?
34 The key, please Nøglen, tak
35 The pass, please Passet, tak
36 Are there any messages for me? Er der nogen beskeder til mig ?
37 Yes, here you are Ja, værsågod
38 No, we didn't receive anything for you Nej, der er ikke kommet nogen.
39 Where can I get some change? Hvor kan jeg veksle?
40 Please can you give me some change? Kan du veksle til småpenge?
41 We can make some for you, how much would you like? Vi kan veksle for dig. Hvad skal du bruge?

16 - Beach

1 The beach Stranden
2 Do you know where I can buy a ball? Ved du hvor jeg kan købe en bold ?
3 There is a store in this direction Der er en butik i den retning
4 a ball En bold
5 Binoculars En kikkert
6 a cap En kasket
7 a towel Håndklæde
8 Sandals Sandaler
9 a bucket Spand
10 Suntan lotion Solcreme
11 Swimming trunks Badebukser
12 Sunglasses Solbriller
13 Shellfish Krebs-dyr
14 Another way to say Skal-dyr
15 Sunbathing Solbade
16 Sunny Solbeskinet
17 Sunset Solnedgang
18 Parasol Parasol
19 Sun Sol
20 Sunstroke Solstik
21 Is it dangerous to swim here? Er det farligt at bade her?
22 No, it is not dangerous Nej, det er ikke farligt
23 Yes, it is forbidden to swim here Ja, det er forbudt at bade her
24 Swim Svømme
25 Swimming Svømning
26 Wave Bølge
27 Sea Hav
28 Dune Klit
29 Sand Sand
30 What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Hvordan bliver vejret i morgen?
31 The weather is going to change Vejret slår om
32 It is going to rain Det bliver regn
33 It will be sunny Det bliver solskin
34 It will be very windy Det kommer til at blæse meget
35 Swimming suit Badedragt
36 Sunshade Skygge

17 - In case of trouble

In case of trouble
1 Can you help me, please? Undskyld, kan du hjælpe mig?
2 I'm lost Jeg er faret vild
3 What would you like? Hvad vil du have ?
4 What happened? Hvad sker der ?
5 Where could I find an interpreter? Hvor kan jeg finde en tolk ?
6 Where is the nearest chemist's shop? Hvor er det nærmeste apotek?
7 Can you call a doctor, please Kan du ringe efter en læge ?
8 Which kind of treatment are you undergoing at the moment? Hvilken behandling følger du?
9 a hospital Et hospital
10 a chemist's Et apotek
11 a doctor En læge
12 Medical department Skadestuen
13 I lost my papers Jeg har mistet mine papirer
14 My papers have been stolen Jeg har fået stjålet mine papirer
15 Lost-property office Hittegodskontoret
16 First-aid station Samarit
17 Emergency exit Ñødudgang
18 The police Politiet
19 Another way to say Politistationen
20 Papers Noget id
21 Money Penge
22 Passport Pas
23 Luggage Bagage
24 I'm ok, thanks Nej tak, ellers tak
25 Leave me alone! Lad mig være I fred
26 Go away! Forsvind!, vær venlig at gå

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