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Estonia's multiculturalism and sense of innovation make it a place to visit at all costs, even if it is less publicized and a less popular destination at the moment. The Estonian language has more sounds than most Latin languages, and is divided into 8 dialects and 117 sub-dialects: a rich panorama for lovers of language learning!

Stroll through the heart of cities with a Christian history and visit the most beautiful churches in the country. Discover the beauty of the large illuminated cities during your night walks (Kas sa tahad täna õhtul välja minna? : "Do you want to go out tonight?") and take a breath of fresh air by the shores of enchanting lakes (Ma tahan puhata to say that you want to rest, by stopping by a lake for example).

To get you used to the wide variety of sounds, we have selected for you some films, novels, music and series that should help you.

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Here is a selection of 400 useful words and expressions to get you started

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1 - Essentials

1 Hello Tere päevast!
2 Expression used in common speech Tere
3 Good evening Tere õhtust!
4 Goodbye Head aega!
5 See you later Kohtumiseni!
6 Yes Ja
7 No Ei
8 Please! Vabandage!
9 Thanks Tänan
10 Thanks a lot Tänan väga
11 Thank you for your help Tänan teid abi eest!
12 Don't mention it Pole tänu väärt!
13 Ok Nõus
14 How much is it? Palju see maksab?
15 Sorry! Vabandust!
16 I don't understand Ma ei saa aru
17 I get it Ma sain aru
18 I don't know Ma ei tea
19 Forbidden Keelatud!
20 Excuse me, where are the toilets? Kus on tualett, palun?
21 Happy New Year! Head uut aastat!
22 Happy birthday! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!
23 Happy holiday! Häid pühi!
24 Congratulations! Palju õnne!
25 Variation Õnnitlused!

2 - Conversation

1 Hello. How are you? Tere! Kuidas läheb?
2 Hello. I'm fine, thank you Tere! Tänan, hästi
3 Do you speak Estonian? Kas sa räägid eesti keelt?
4 No, I don't speak Estonian Ei, ma ei räägi eesti keelt
5 Only a little bit Ainult natukene
6 Where do you come from? Mis maalt sa pärit oled?
7 What is your nationality? Mis rahvusest sa oled?
8 I am English Ma olen inglane
9 And you, do you live here? Aga sina, kas sa elad siin?
10 Yes, I live here Jah, ma elan siin
11 My name is Sarah, what's your name? Minu nimi on Saara aga sinu?
12 Julian J?ri
13 What are you doing here? Mida sa siin teed?
14 I am on holiday Ma puhkan
15 Another way to say Olen puhkusel
16 We are on holiday Me puhkame
17 Another way to say Me oleme puhkusel
18 I am on a business trip Ma olen tööreisil
19 I work here Ma töötan siin
20 We work here Me töötame siin
21 Where are the good places to go out and eat? Kus on siin head söögikohad?
22 Is there a museum in the neighbourhood? Kas siin kuskil lähedal on muuseum?
23 Where could I get an internet connection? Kus ma saaksin internetti?

3 - Learning

1 Do you want to learn a few words? Kas sa tahaksid natuke sõnavara õppida?
2 Yes, sure! Nõus
3 What's this called? Kuidas seda kutsutakse?
4 It's a table See on laud
5 A table. Do you understand? Laud. Saad aru?
6 I don't understand Ma ei saa aru
7 Can you repeat please? Kas sa võiksid korrata?
8 Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? Kas sa saaksid natuke aeglasemalt rääkida?
9 Could you write it down, please? Kas sa saaksid talle kirjutada?
10 I get it Ma sain aru

4 - Colours

1 I like the colour of this table Mulle meeldib selle laua värv
2 It's red See on punane
3 Blue Sinine
4 Yellow Kollane
5 White Valge
6 Black Must
7 Green roheline
8 Orange Oranž
9 Purple Lilla
10 Grey Hall

5 - Numbers

1 Zero Null
2 One Üks
3 Two Kaks
4 Three Kolm
5 Four Neli
6 Five Viis
7 Six Kuus
8 Seven Seitse
9 Eight Kaheksa
10 Nine Üheksa
11 Ten Kümme
12 Eleven Üksteist
13 Twelve Kaksteist
14 Thirteen Kolmteist
15 Fourteen Neliteist
16 Fifteen Viisteist
17 Sixteen Kuusteist
18 Seventeen Seitseteist
19 Eighteen Kaheksateist
20 Nineteen Üheksateist
21 Twenty Kakskümmend
22 Twenty-one Kakskümmend üks
23 Twenty-two Kakskümmend kaks
24 Twenty-three Kakskümmend kolm
25 Twenty-four Kakskümmend neli
26 Twenty-five Kakskümmend viis
27 Twenty-six Kakskümmend kuus
28 Twenty-seven Kakskümmend seitse
29 Twenty-eight Kakskümmend kaheksa
30 Twenty-nine Kakskümmend üheksa
31 Thirty Kolmkümmend
32 Thirty-one Kolmkümmend üks
33 Thirty-two Kolmkümmend kaks
34 Thirty-three Kolmkümmend kolm
35 Thirty-four Kolmkümmend neli
36 Thirty-five Kolmkümmend viis
37 Thirty-six Kolmkümmend kuus
38 Forty Nelikümmend
39 Fifty Viiskümmend
40 Sixty Kuuskümmend
41 Seventy Kuuskümmend kuus
42 Eighty Kaheksakümmend
43 Ninety Üheksakümmend
44 One hundred Sada
45 A hundred and five Viissada
46 Two hundred Kakssada
47 Three hundred Kolmsada
48 Four hundred Nelisada
49 A thousand Tuhat
50 A thousand five hundred Tuhat viissada
51 Two thousand Kaks tuhat
52 Ten thousand Kümme tuhat

6 - Time tracking

Time tracking
1 When did you get here? Millal sa jõudsid?
2 Today Täna
3 Yesterday Eile
4 Two days ago Kaks päeva tagasi
5 How long are you staying for? Kui kauaks sa jääd?
6 I'm leaving tomorrow Ma sõidan homme ära
7 I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow Ma sõidan ülehomme ära
8 I'll be leaving in three days Ma sõidan ära kolme päeva pärast
9 Another way to say Ma lahkun kolme päeva pärast
10 Monday Esmaspäev
11 Tuesday Teisipäev
12 Wednesday Kolmapäev
13 Thursday Neljapäev
14 Friday Reede
15 Saturday Laupäev
16 Sunday Pühapäev
17 January Jaanuar
18 February Veebruar
19 March Märts
20 April Aprill
21 May Mai
22 June Juuni
23 July Juuli
24 August August
25 September September
26 October Oktoober
27 November November
28 December Detsember
29 What time are you leaving at? Mis kell sa sõidad?
30 Morning, at eight o'clock Hommikul kell kaheksa
31 Morning, at a quarter past 8 Hommikul kell kaheksa viisteist
32 Morning, at half past 8 Hommikul kell pool üheksa
33 Morning, at a quarter to nine Hommikul kolmveerand üheksa
34 Evening, at 6pm Õhtul kell kuus
35 I am late Ma olen hiljaks jäänud
36 Variation Ma jään hiljaks

7 - Taxi

1 Taxi! Takso!
2 Where would you like to go? Kuhu te soovite sôita?
3 I'm going to the train station Ma lähen raudteejaama
4 I'm going to the Day and Night Hotel Ma lähen hotelli Päev ja Öö
5 Can you take me to the airport, please? Kas te saaksite mind lennujaama viia?
6 Can you take my luggage? Kas te saaksite mu kohvrid vôtta?
7 Is it far from here? Kas see on siit kaugel?
8 No it's close Ei, see on siin lähedal
9 Yes it's a little bit further away See on kaugemal
10 How much will it be? Kui palju see maksma läheb?
11 Take me there, please Palun viige mind siia!
12 You go right Paremal
13 You go left Vasakul
14 It's straight on Otse
15 It's right here See on siin
16 It's that way See jääb sinnapoole
17 Stop! Peatus!
18 Another way to say Stopp!
19 Take your time Tehke rahulikult
20 Expression used in common speech Aega on
21 Can I have a receipt, please? Kas te võiksite palun mulle arve teha?

8 - Feelings

1 I really like your country Mulle väga meeldib sinu maa
2 I love you Ma armastan sind
3 I am happy Ma olen õnnelik
4 I am sad Ma olen kurb
5 I feel great here Ma tunnen siin ennast hästi
6 I am cold Mul on külm
7 I am hot Mul on soe
8 It's too big See on liiga suur
9 It's too small See on liiga väike
10 It's perfect See sobib hästi
11 Do you want to go out tonight? Kas sa tahad täna õhtul välja minna?
12 I would like to go out tonight Ma tahaksin täna õhtul välja minna
13 It is a good idea See on hea mõte
14 I want to have fun Mul on peotuju
15 It is not a good idea See ei ole hea mõte
16 I don't want to go out tonight Ma ei taha täna õhtul välja minna
17 I want to rest Ma tahan puhata
18 Would you like to do some sport? Kas sa tahaksid sporti teha?
19 Yes, I need to relax Jaa, mul on vaja ennast välja elada
20 I play tennis Ma mängin tennist
21 No thanks. I am tired already Ei tänan. Ma olen päris väsinud

9 - Family

1 Do you have family here? Kas sul on siin sugulasi?
2 My father Minu isa
3 My mother Minu ema
4 My son Minu poeg
5 My daughter Minu tütar
6 A brother Üks vend
7 a sister Üks õde
8 a friend Üks sõber
9 a friend Üks sõbranna
10 My boyfriend Minu sõber
11 Another way to say Minu poisssõber
12 My girlfriend Minu sõbranna
13 Another way to say Minu tüdrukssõber
14 My husband Minu abikaasa
15 Another way to say Minu mees
16 My wife Minu abikaasa
17 Another way to say Minu naine

10 - Bar

1 The bar Baar
2 Would you like to have a drink? Soovid sa midagi juua?
3 To drink Jooma
4 Glass Klaas
5 With pleasure Meelsasti
6 Another way to say Hea meelega!
7 What would you like? Mida sina jood?
8 Another way to say Mida sina võtad?
9 What's on offer? Mis siin juua on?
10 There is water or fruit juices Vett vôi mahla
11 Water Vett
12 Can you add some ice cubes, please? Kas te saaksite jääd ka sisse panna?
13 Ice cubes Jääd
14 Chocolate Kakaod
15 Milk Piima
16 Tea Teed
17 Coffee Kohvi
18 With sugar Suhkruga
19 With cream Koorega
20 Wine Veini
21 Beer Õlut
22 A tea please Üks tee, palun
23 A beer please Üks õlu, palun!
24 What would you like to drink? Mida te soovite juua?
25 Two teas please! Kaks teed, palun!
26 Two beers please! Kaks õlut, palun!
27 Nothing, thanks Ei midagi, tänan
28 Cheers! Sinu terviseks!
29 Cheers! Terviseks!
30 Can we have the bill please? Arve, palun!
31 Excuse me, how much do I owe? Palju ma teile võlgnen?
32 Twenty euros Kakskümmend eurot
33 It's on me Mina maksan

11 - Restaurant

1 The restaurant Restoran
2 Would you like to eat? Kas sa süüa tahad ?
3 Yes, with pleasure Jah, tahan küll
4 To eat Sööma
5 Where can we eat? Kus me saaksime süüa?
6 Where can we have lunch? Kus me saaksime lõunat süüa?
7 Dinner Õhtusöök
8 Breakfast Hommikusöök
9 Excuse me! Palun!
10 The menu, please Menüü palun!
11 Here is the menu Siin on menüü!
12 What do you prefer to eat? Meat or fish? Mida sa eelistad süüa? Liha võî kala?
13 With rice Riisiga
14 With pasta Makaronidega
15 Potatoes Kartuleid
16 Vegetables Juurvilju
17 Scrambled eggs - fried eggs - or a boiled egg Munaputru - praetud muna - keedetud muna
18 Bread Leiba
19 Butter Võid
20 Salad Roheline salat
21 Dessert Magustoit
22 Fruit Puuvilju
23 Can I have a knife, please? Kas teil nuga on?
24 Yes, I'll bring it to you right away Jaa, kohe toon!
25 a knife Nuga
26 a fork Kahvel
27 a spoon Lusikas
28 Is it a warm dish? Kas see on soe toit?
29 Yes, very hot also! Jaa, ja väga vürtsikas
30 Warm Soe
31 Cold Külm
32 Hot Vürtsikas
33 I'll have fish Ma võtan kala!
34 Me too Mina ka

12 - Parting

1 It's late, I have to go! On juba hilja! Ma pean minema!
2 Shall we meet again? Kas me võiksime uuesti kokku saada?
3 Yes with pleasure Jaa, hea meelega!
4 This is my address Ma elan sellel aadressil
5 Do you have a phone number? Kas sul on telefoninumber?
6 Yes here you go Jaa, siin see on
7 I had a lovely time Mul oli sinuga tore
8 Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Minul samuti. Mul oli hea meel sinuga tutvuda
9 We will see each other soon Me näeme varsti jälle
10 I hope so too Ma loodan samuti
11 Goodbye Head-aega!
12 Variation Nägemiseni!
13 See you tomorrow Homseni!
14 Bye! Tšau!

13 - Transportation

1 Excuse me! I'm looking for the bus stop Vabandage, kus on bussipeatus?
2 How much is a ticket to Sun City?  Milline rong läheb Päikeselinna?
3 Where does this train go, please?  Kuhu see rong läheb?
4 Does this train stop at Sun City?  Kas see rong peatub Päikeselinnas?
5 When does the train for Sun City leave?  Millal läheb rong Päikeselinna?
6 When will this train arrive in Sun City?  Mis kell rong jõuab Päikeselinna?
7 A ticket for Sun City, please Pilet Päikeselinna, palun!
8 Do you have the train's time table? Kas teil on rongiajad?
9 Bus schedule Bussiajad
10 Excuse me, which train goes to Sun City? Milline rong läheb Päikeselinna?
11 This one See siin
12 Thanks Tänan
13 Don't mention it, have a good trip! Pole tänu väärt. Head reisi!
14 The garage Autoremonditöökoda
15 The petrol station Bensiinijaam
16 A full tank, please Üks paak bensiini, palun!
17 Bike Jalgratas
18 Another way to say Ratas
19 Town centre Kesklinn
20 Another way to say Keskus
21 Suburb Äärelinn
22 It is a city See on suur linn
23 It is a village See on küla
24 A mountain Mägi
25 a lake Järv
26 The countryside Maa

14 - Looking for someone

Looking for someone
1 Excuse me, is Sarah here? Kas Sarah on siin?
2 Yes, she's here Jaa, ta on siin
3 She's out Ta läks välja
4 You can call her on her mobile phone Te võite talle mobiilile helistada
5 Do you know where I could find her? Oskate te öelda, kust ma teda leida võin?
6 She is at work Ta on tööl
7 She is at home Ta on kodus
8 Excuse me, is Julien here? Kas Julien on siin?
9 Yes, he's here Jaa, ta on siin
10 He's out Ta läks välja
11 Do you know where I could find him? Oskate te öelda, kust ma teda leida võin?
12 You can call him on his mobile phone Te võite talle mobiilile helistada
13 He is at work Ta on tööl
14 He is at home Ta on kodus

15 - Hotel

1 The hotel Hotell
2 Apartment Korter
3 Welcome! Teretulemast!
4 Do you have a room available? Kas teil on üks vaba tuba?
5 Is there a bathroom in the room? Kas toas on vannituba?
6 Would you prefer two single beds? Kas te eelistate kahte ühekohalist voodit?
7 Do you wish to have a twin room? Kas te soovite ühte tuba kahele?
8 A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower Tuba vanni - rõdu - duššiga
9 Bed and breakfast Tuba hommikusöögiga
10 How much is it for a night? Palju üks öö maksab?
11 I would like to see the room first Ma sooviksin kõigepealt tuba näha
12 Yes, of course Jaa, muidugi
13 Thank you, the room is very nice Aitäh! Tuba on väga hea
14 OK, can I reserve for tonight? Sobib, kas ma saan täna õhtuks broneerida?
15 It's a bit too much for me, thank you See on minu jaoks natuke kallis, aitäh!
16 Could you take care of my luggage, please? Kas te saaksite mu kohvrite eest hoolitseda?
17 Where is my room, please? Kus mu tuba asub?
18 A more formal expression Palun öelge kus mu tuba asub?
19 It is on the first floor Esimesel korrusel
20 Another way to say See on esimesel korrusel
21 Is there a lift? Kas siin on lift?
22 The elevator is on your left Lift on teist vasakul
23 The elevator is on your right Lift on teist paremal
24 Where is the laundry room, please? Kus asub pesumaja?
25 It is on the ground floor See on esimesel korrusel
26 Ground floor Esimene korrus
27 Bedroom Tuba
28 Dry cleaner's Keemiline puhastus
29 Hair salon Juuksurisalong
30 Car parking space Autoparkla
31 Let's meet in the meeting room? Kas saame kokku nõupidamisruumis?
32 Meeting room Nõupidamisruum
33 The swimming pool is heated Bassein on soe
34 Swimming pool Bassein
35 Please, wake me up at seven a.m. Palun äratage mind kell 7
36 The key, please Võti palun!
37 The pass, please Magnetkaart
38 Are there any messages for me? Kas mulle on teateid?
39 Yes, here you are Jaa, siin need on
40 No, we didn't receive anything for you Ei, ei midagi
41 Where can I get some change? Kus ma saaksin sularaha vahetada?
42 Please can you give me some change? Kas te saaksite mulle raha lahti teha?
43 We can make some for you, how much would you like? Saame küll teha. Palju te sularaha tahate?

16 - Beach

1 The beach Rand
2 Do you know where I can buy a ball? Kas te oskate öelda kust ma saaks osta palli?
3 There is a store in this direction Sinnapoole minnes on üks pood
4 a ball Pall
5 Binoculars Pinokkel
6 a cap Nokamüts
7 a towel Käterätik
8 Sandals Sandaalid
9 a bucket Pang
10 Another way to say Ämber
11 Suntan lotion Päikesekreem
12 Swimming trunks Ujumispüksid
13 Sunglasses Ujumisprillid
14 Shellfish Rannakarbid
15 Sunbathing Päevitama
16 Sunny Päikeseline
17 Sunset Päikeseloojang
18 Parasol Päikesevari
19 Sun Päike
20 Sunstroke Päikesepiste
21 Is it dangerous to swim here? Kas siin on ohtlik ujuda?
22 No, it is not dangerous Ei, ei ole ohtlik
23 Yes, it is forbidden to swim here Jaa, siin on ohtlik ujuda
24 Swim Ujuma
25 Swimming Ujumine
26 Wave Laine
27 Sea Meri
28 Dune Liivaluide
29 Sand Liiv
30 What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Millist ilma homme lubatakse?
31 The weather is going to change Ilm muutub
32 It is going to rain Hakkab sadama
33 It will be sunny Tuleb päiksepaisteline ilm
34 It will be very windy Tuleb väga tuuline ilm
35 Swimming suit Ujumistrikoo
36 Sunshade Vari

17 - In case of trouble

In case of trouble
1 Can you help me, please? Kas te saaksite mind aidata?
2 I'm lost Ma olen ära eksinud
3 What would you like? Mida te soovite?
4 What happened? Mis juhtus?
5 Where could I find an interpreter? Kust ma võiksin leida tõlki?
6 Where is the nearest chemist's shop? Kus on lähim apteek?
7 Can you call a doctor, please Kutsuge arst, palun!
8 Which kind of treatment are you undergoing at the moment? Milliseid rohtusid te praegu võtate?
9 a hospital Haigla
10 a chemist's Apteek
11 a doctor Arst
12 Medical department Arstiteenus
13 I lost my papers Ma kaotasin oma dokumendid
14 My papers have been stolen Mul varastati dokumendid
15 Lost-property office Kaotatud asjade büroo
16 First-aid station Hädaabipunkt
17 Emergency exit Hädaabiväljapääs
18 The police Politsei
19 Papers Dokumendid
20 Money Raha
21 Passport Pass
22 Luggage Pagas
23 I'm ok, thanks Ei tänan
24 Leave me alone! Jatke mind rahule!
25 Go away! Lahkuge!

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