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Learn arabic (morrocan) - Essentials

English Arabic (Morrocan)
Hello السلام - assalam
Good evening مسا لخير - msa lkhir
Goodbye بسلامه - bslama
See you later من بعد - men baed
Yes نعام - n'am
No لا - la
Excuse me! من فضلك - m'n fadlek
Thanks شكرا - choukran
Thanks a lot شكرا بزاف - choukran bizzaf
Thank you for your help شكرا على المساعدة - choukran ala l'musaada
Don't mention it بلا جميل - b'la g'mil
Ok واخا - wakha
How much is it? بشحال هدا عافاك؟ - bich'hal afa afak?
Sorry! عَفْوا - smeh liya
I don't understand ما فهمتش - mafhemtech
I get it فهمت - fhemt
I don't know معرفتش - ma'eref'tch
Forbidden ممنوع - mamnoue
Excuse me, where are the toilets? فين كاين لمرحاض من فضلك ؟ - fin kayn l'mirhad afak?
Happy New Year! سنة سعيدة - sana saida
Happy birthday! عيد ميلاد سعيد - eid milad said
Congratulations! مبروك - mabrouk

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